Josue Alexander, the young man who was shot in the head, was working because he wanted to study medicine Ecuador | news

Josue Alexander was walking on his way to work. The young man from San Antonio de Pichincha, a rural area north of Quito, began his working life to collect financial income so he could begin his university studies in medicine. However, a bullet to the head from a criminal can put an end to that dream.

The 20-year-old man is in the emergency room of the Eugenio Espejo hospital in the northern center of the capital. He was shifted to this place from another health home, where he was first reached by his colleagues.

The video of the attack on him went viral. The two miscreants arrived on a motorcycle at Jose Larrea and Antonio Flor streets in the Ponciano sector.

Within seconds he was shot, causing him to fall to the ground and the attackers fled. He was two blocks away from his job, gathered his strength, stood up and staggered towards his destination.

Shocked by video of young man shot in the head during attack north of Quito

William Guamani was walking with his wife on Gran Colombia Avenue, his face illuminated by the first rays of the sun this Friday, February 2.

The look in his eyes explained everything, ever since he received the news that his son had been seriously injured by a gunshot, he had been filled with a mixture of uncertainty, pain and nostalgia.

He informed his boss and handed over the taxi he drove to him, who immediately went to the hospital. William told this newspaper that doctors assured that his son was still under observation. Yesterday he was intubated, after several procedures the doctors removed these elements due to the first favorable reaction.

However, he is not sure that his son will recover. He still has not been able to open his eyes properly. Due to the sudden fall, his face hit the pavement, due to which his face became swollen and there was a deep wound on his eyebrow.

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Describing what his son is like, William explained that he is a young man who gets along well with all the residents of the parish, he was on the San Antonio de Pichincha football team for three years, and he plays as a forward. .

He also played for the Argentinos Juniors team, which is why the father was grateful that he received many calls of support and concern about Josue Alexander’s health.

William has not returned home since he found out about the emergency, he has not even been able to change his clothes, he wants to be present for every need or news about his son.

Police may have launched an investigation to find out the whereabouts of two anti-social people who were recorded in the recording of a security camera in the sector. Even the license plate number and specifications of the motorcycle may have been confirmed.

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“We have no words to express ourselves, because these are the people who are doing evil. Today it was my son, tomorrow it could be other people, other young people. That is why they are on the path of these gentlemen. I would like to be sure that yes, I hope they can arrest these gentlemen,” Guamani insisted with a sigh.

The bullet was fired from a rubber bullet weapon, but due to the close proximity of the bullet, the 20-year-old man was seriously injured. Relatives remain hopeful that Josue Alexander will walk out of that hospital alive, having already been told that if he is rescued he will undergo a long recovery and that the attack could have permanent consequences.

The only faith the victim’s family and friends have is that he will recover and continue to share with them, later they will think about justice for this attack. (yo)

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