Juan Soto in the Fiesta Yankee

offensive of new York Yankees By 2024 this will be a fundamental aspect of the objectives set for this upcoming crop. It is clear how much it will push juan soto For those bronx However, at the top of the lineup, it is appropriate and necessary for New Yorkers to revive the bats giancarlo stanton And Anthony RizzoThe latter showed signs of life earlier this Friday toronto blue jays,

former champion of world Series with chicago cubs He has not been able to fully showcase his skills since arriving in 2016 New YorkHis best performance came in the 2022 season when he bowled 32 balls and scored 75 runs.

Anthony Rizzo He has responded very well to his new opportunity in these spring games. To date, the infielder is averaging .333 with five RBIs, four of which were tonight, March 1, along with a tremendous grand slam. toronto blue jays,

Anthony Rizzo, Crane of the New York Yankees

second innings of new York Yankees It was indeed an aggressive storm. Austin Wells The party started with a single to right field, then Venezuela Osvaldo Cabrera He struck, but his countryman everson perera He took it out of the park to level the scores.

The activities did not stop. Zorbit Vivas left the second out, but toronto He changed the pot and it started from there chad dallas, new pot juan nunez Gave three tickets in a row, dj lemahieu, juan soto And aaron judge In the same order, they filled the pads Anthony Rizzo feast

Rizzo He didn’t wait for a count and disappeared into right field with the first pitch. The ball fell at a height of 357 feet and traveled at a speed of 95.7 mph.

Thus, new York Yankees They immediately took a 2–6 lead in the match at the end of the second leg.

Without further ado, let’s watch the sensational home run:

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