Julio Rodriguez tripled and RBI against Texas

The Latin context and, above all, the Dominican power are beginning to be felt more frequently in the exhibition games of Major League Baseball’s spring training. julio rodriguezResponded with the bat and capped an extraordinary performance in Arizona.

Under a sunny afternoon, Texas Rangers and seattle mariners They met at the Peoria Sports Complex. The visiting team took the lead by two points in the first innings. For his part, the local team responded aggressively and the Caribbean slugger opened the scoring for his franchise.

Julio Rodriguez opens account for Seattle

Cole White was in charge of starting the action for the Texans, with one out, he faced the Loma de Cabrera native. With four bad pitches, julio rodriguez He parked at the beginning. Meanwhile, Cal Raleigh spread its arms and hit center field without stopping and brought the young star seattle mariners,

Against White in the bottom of the second inning, the Dominican major leaguer didn’t wait long as he hit an unexpected hit to right field on the first ball of the inning. However, he did not achieve much and ended up being an aggressive entry for his team.

In the fifth frame, the Texas Rangers changed pitchers and brought in Cole Winn. Sam Haggerty and J.P. Crawford walked and the Seattle Mariners immediately ramped up their offense. Again, on first launch julio rodriguez He joined his side without pause and drove in Hagerty from second base. This time, seattle mariners Narrowed the gap in commitment.

Samad Taylor replaced Julio Rodriguez as pinch runner, thus ending his participation in the match. In three trips to the batter’s box, he hit two singles, scored one run and drove in the second, and was also issued a walk.

The Latin player collected four at-bats in the preseason. mlb, He shined through the woodwork on Tuesday, his best game to date. He has scored a run and has the same number of RBIs, hitting .500 with a 1.100 on-base percentage.

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