Justin Bieber got the most impressive (and cute) coat of the year

Justin Bieber is not rational. During the NFL team hockey game last weekend in Toronto, Bieber took part in a photo shoot with Canadian players in action on the ice. It must be said that the 29-year-old is a big fan of this team, whose jersey he designed himself through his label Drew House (blue and yellow, and adorned with yellow stars). In addition to this very original sports outfit, the artist accustomed to looking extraordinary showed an even more unexpected look on the bench, thus adding a new piece to his wardrobe of sartorial curiosities.

Cultivating a false all-purpose posture, Justin Bieber played the casual streetwear outfit card with a gray mohair wool sweater, jeans and Balenciaga signed black hat – one of the coolest models ever offered by the fashion house . Until then, it’s all about regular Bieber. As always, the star mixes cool and pleasant with streetwear and high-quality clothing. But it’s impossible not to notice the centerpiece of the look, a true garment, I named this enormous red and pale pink polka dot coat, straight from an Italian house that is making a spectacular return to the forefront of the fashion landscape.

justin bieber in toronto

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Maximalism, if you want something, it’s here

It is the house of Marni, founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni and relaunched in the 2000s by businessman Renzo Rosso (who also owns Diesel, for example), that we owe this design gem . A piece with extreme maximalism, a signature of the Marni aesthetic that is known for its XXL down jackets and which for several months has also been developing shoes such as the recent Big Foot 2.0, an artificially rounded and inflated pair , and available in multiple colors. If he is one of the first male stars to dare to wear huge faux fur coats (a very visible trend in women’s fashion), Justin Bieber knows how to turn an outfit with a single strong piece . And as Justin Bieber wouldn’t want, this look hasn’t gone unnoticed. Be careful with your eyes though.

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