Justin Timberlake at the Vampire Ball in Bloody “No Angels” Music Video

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Justin Timberlake’s return to the front row has been confirmed in recent months. Indeed, the great 43-year-old artist continues to release new releases, starting with the singles “Selfish” (54 million plays on Spotify) and “Drowned” (10 million), which have not had the expected success. Additionally, the previously unreleased “Sanctified”, recorded with Tobe Ngiwe, was performed live for the first time on Saturday Night Live. And with good reason, as the Memphis singer announced the arrival of the sixth studio album of his career. Titled “Everything I Thought It Was”, it is finally available on the platforms. It’s an event as it is their first record in six years, a literal eternity in the current music industry, and follows the 2018 release of “Man of the Woods” which experienced mixed returns.

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However, this release was interrupted by shocking revelations Britney Spears In her book “The Woman in Me” she tells about her union with the singer in the early 2000s, who allegedly forced her to have an abortion. This was followed by respective announcements from both artists… kind of enough to put a damper on this highly anticipated comeback, especially when the singer’s fans decided to push the title “Selfish” up the charts. , Britney Spears , But Joe, who would soon be performing in concert in Lyon, found his way back as if nothing had happened.

From fascination to revelation

On his new album produced with timbaland, we can find the track “No Angels”. This is the magnetic song that Justin Timberlake has chosen to best promote the arrival of his project. The American singer recently released the music video for this energetic song and it was directed by Ty West, the man behind the sensational horror films “X” and “Pearl.” A festive video in which the 43-year-old artiste enters a social evening to highlight her superb dancing skills. Then the evening takes an unexpected, almost diabolical turn, to say the least! All this is accompanied by a very interesting play of light that hides the true nature of the guests… This piece, produced by the singer herself with Angel Lopez and Federico Windver, is enough to completely frame this piece.

Note that a few days earlier, a “Director’s Cut” version of the clip was released, including three additional minutes. We see Justin Timberlake behind the camera finishing filming the video before getting into his car. But is it really the singer or a demonic version of him? It remains to be seen how the album “Everything I Thought It Was” will be received by fans and in the international charts…

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