Justin Timberlake, Michel Sardou, MC Soler, The Black Crowes: DH picks 5 albums to discover this week

Between new releases, live releases, and reissues worth a visit, this week was a busy one in music. Here is the editorial selection DH’s,

Justin Timberlake – Everything I Thought

When it comes to popularity, the big release of the week is undoubtedly Justin Timberlake’s new album. It must be said that he broke the patience of his fans by making them wait. Six years, no less, since he last showed any sign of life in music under his own name! jungle man, his previous creation, is from 2018. Meanwhile, he had strongly announced the reformation of NSYNC, the group that introduced him. He also worked for cinema and was featured in Britney Spears’ autobiography.

DH Reads Britney Spears’ Autobiography “The Woman in Me”: Here’s What to Think About It

everything i thought It consists of 18 tracks, including a feature featuring NSYNC. You can never get better service than yourself.

MC Solar – Triptych (Heavenly Light)

Another return, after a long recording absence, of MC Solar. geopolitics The date is of 2017, i.e. 7 years ago. As their names indicate, triptych There is a Tripitaka. The first part is entitled heavenly glow, The other two have been announced for this year, with no tours involved. And maybe even a fourth album, he hinted. In short, 2024 will be a particularly busy one for the prominent rapper of the 90s in France.

Even if he admits to being less attached “Balanced Flow” And to carry his voice to the music, MC Solar’s touch is still there, as well as the choice of words that is the rapper’s trademark. Also expect a musical world tour in terms of influences.

MC Solar: “My old songs are incredibly relevant”

The Black Crowes – Happiness Bastards

Another comeback and what a comeback! It had been 15 years since The Black Crowes were imprisoned in discographic silence. Before frost…till frost Dates from 2009. As we begin with “Beside Manners” we find ourselves in familiar territory with a very retro sound and solo. For those who like it, it’s stimulating and devilishly effective. The guys haven’t lost their rock during this long break. And the rest is to match “Rats & Clowns” which has a bit of “Walk This Way” in the style of Run DMC/Aerosmith.

The Dandy Warhols – Rockmaker

Unlike the previously mentioned artists, The Dandy Warhols have never been forgotten. The pandemic of 2020-2021 has shaken up their release schedule a bit and that means this tenth album, rockmaker, Appears a little late. Forget cute flights of fancy like “Bohemian Like You” and “We Used to Be Friends”, the sound here is pure rock, even if “The Summer of Hate” joins their ranks with an added pop gimmick. Could claim. No matter, we’re happy to have this psychedelic rock that brought success to the group led by Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Zia McCabe.

Michel Sardou – I remember a farewell

Michel Sardou completed his farewell tour with the title “I remember a farewell”. He then promised that, after his last scene in Brest on 29 March, he would retire. He had given us an oath in 2018 itself that he would not reverse his decision. We saw what happened. While waiting to see if he changes his mind again, fans will definitely want to have a souvenir of this “final” singing turn. This is what is called the seriously named Double Live Offer i remember a goodbye, with all the singer’s classics, from “Lakes of Connemara” through “Being a Woman” to “The Java of Broadway”, “Lovesickness” and “I’m Gonna Love You”. And even a cover of “Quel’Choice de Tennessee” by his friend Johnny Hallyday.

Bonus Corner

Air-Moon Safari (25th Anniversary Edition)

This reissue of moon safari, Versailles d’Air’s first opus, celebrates the 25th anniversary of this album whose success has gone far beyond the borders of France and influenced many artists around the world. Of course, the invincible singles are “La Fame d’Argent”, “Kelly Watch the Stars” and “Sexy Boy”, but the record does not stop with these two hits. As a bonus, the deluxe edition offers demos of some songs, live excerpts and two remixes created by the Nicolas Godin-Jean-Benoît Dunkel tandem. A nostalgic journey that has lost none of its relevance even after a quarter of a century.

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