Kanye West Reconciles With Bianca Sensei’s Mom, Despite Her Obscene New Outfit

Kanye West reconciles with mom Bianca Sensori despite her new daring outfit

After rumors of conflict with his in-laws since his union with Bianca Sensori more than a year ago, Kanye West is on good terms with his mother-in-law, as evidenced by recent photos taken of the couple by paparazzi It shows. At the airport, even though Ye’s partner was wearing a showy outfit.

The Daily Mail recently released the testimony of a relative of Bianca Sensori’s father, who was very angry against Kanye West, in which he accused him of being a bad influence on the clothes of his daughter, who was often seen while in Paris. Was considered obscene during. Rumors also quickly spread that the young woman’s parents disapproved of her marriage with the famous American rapper, except that recent photos prove the opposite, at least for his relationship with Bianca’s mother, Alexandra Sensori. .

Even with her mother, Bianca Censori shows off!

The Sun published photos of Alexandra Sensori with Bianca and Kanye West at the Los Angeles airport. She is seen getting off a private jet smiling with Ye. They both seem very confused. The rapper’s wife, who is happy to be with her mother and her husband, appeared, as often, in a pantless look, wearing a very attractive black bodysuit, showing off her “rear” without any shame. Has been. Ty Dolla $ign is also on hand to join the trio.

Kanye is wearing a simple black outfit, boots and a hoodie that reads “F**k Adidas” in Russian, in reference to his latest rant against the brand and his fight for the end of the collaboration with the three bands Yeezy.

This meeting between Kanye West, Bianca Sensori and their mother, captured by photographers, is a complete contrast to the supposed previous opinion of the young lady’s parents, which was circulated in the tabloid press, Exclusive As assured by the Daily Mail, which has a source: “His parents are so distressed that they don’t recognize him.”,


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