Kanye West reveals three release dates for his album “Vultures”!

After months of waiting for his fans, Kanye West has finally revealed the release dates of his new album “Vultures”.

Well, the mystery about Kanye West’s future album is finally solved. And for good reason: they’ve finally decided to give not one, but several release dates for this long-awaited new record. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kanye West: an artist who leaves no one indifferent

In the American rap world, no one looks like Kanye West. And for good reason: In addition to being a prodigious artist, he’s also a divisive figure with surprising positions. It never ceases to amaze us!

They spilled a lot of ink in early January sold one of his luxurious houses at a huge price, Not surprisingly, this information quickly spread on social networks!

Elsewhere, Kanye West divided some of his audience by releasing new Yeezy sneakers and getting back to business. As a reminder: Adidas decided to end their cooperation with the rapper after his anti-Semitic comments. But he doesn’t intend to let that happen!

And finally, “Yeh” surprised many of her fans by revealing A performance with his daughter North on his new album, A very touching duet, which fueled the hype around this new record called “Vultures”.

But then, what release dates does Kanye West have planned for this new record? And most of all, why did they wait so long before revealing them to the general public? MCE TV tells you more!

“Vulture” album release dates finally revealed

Kanye West fans have been waiting for this new record. And their patience will finally be rewarded, as we now know its release date. Or rather, “its” release dates!

In fact, you should know that this new disc will be divided into three completely separate parts. It promises to be very heavy!

According to information revealed by a calendar published on the network, the first opus will be available from February 9. While the next two will be released on March 8 and April 5, 2024. We can’t wait to find them!

To keep fans in suspense, Kanye West and his loyal sidekick Ty Dolla $ign also released a first video teaser. And at least we can say that they were gifted with interesting fans of both the artists!

Indeed, we constantly see many blurry and sometimes “scary” images, including war scenes, gangs, and animal images. Who will understand, who can understand…

Whatever the case, Kanye West has always got us addicted to teasers that are…mysterious, to say the least. And primarily, it’s not going to change!

At the same time, there are also rumors that the rapper is filming a video apologizing to the Jewish community. Honest viewpoint or simple discussion before the release of “Vultures”? We’ll let you decide.

Meanwhile, Kanye West never misses a chance to get people talking about himself. And we saw it a few days ago, when they revealed His brand new teeth cost more than 780,000 euros, Everyone was surprised!


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