Kanye West says he wasn’t banned from the Super Bowl by Taylor Swift

UPDATE – This rumor has been circulating since the beginning of the week

Kanye West assured him he wasn’t banned from the Super Bowl at all by Taylor Swift. A rumor that blossomed the day after last Sunday’s big sporting event, which the pop star, a loyal supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs, the team of his beloved Travis Kelce, attended while the rapper was absent.

It was ex-NFL player Brandon Marshall who launched this theory in his podcast paper route, According to her, Kanye West had reserved seats right in front of Taylor Swift’s dressing room, and then she pressured him to stop coming. “This rumor is fabricated,” a representative of Ye assures. forbesS, “it is not true. “

fifteen years of separation

Unlikely, there was reason to take this rumor at face value, as the differences between Kanye West and Taylor Swift were never really buried. We clearly remember the famous MTV Music Video Awards of 2009, during which the rapper made a scene, believing that Taylor Swift had stolen the victory from Beyoncé.

He did it again in 2016 Famous, In an explosion of megalomania, the secret of which only he has, Kanye West said in the first sentences of his song: “I always think Taylor and I should sleep together. Why ? Because I made this bitch famous. ,

The only difference(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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