Kendall Jenner started the year in a tiny bikini… Zendaya clarified on Instagram…

6 January 2024

Lars Ulrich thanks his fans for their support after his father’s death

Lars Ulrich lost his father Torben last December. After announcing the sad news on his Instagram page, the Metallica drummer was able to count on the support of his fans, who sent him many messages of condolence. A wave of solidarity which did not fail to touch the composer, and to which he responded with emotion.

“Since my father passed away ten days ago, I have unexpectedly received condolences, messages, stories and testimonials from many people about the impact and impact of his life, and in different ways; To be honest, I’m in shock,” he posted on his group’s Facebook page.

Torben Ulrich was 95 years old. During his long life, he was notably a professional tennis player as well as a jazz musician.

Kendall Jenner starts the year in a tiny bikini

Zendaya no longer follows anyone on Instagram

Looks like Zendaya is starting the year with a big cleanse! In fact, the actress no longer follows anyone on Instagram, not even her beloved Tom Holland!

The star, who has 185 million subscribers, started the year by releasing the poster of his next film, ChallengersAs you can see on her account, with a well-wishing message before unfollowing everyone!

Two years ago, Zendaya revealed that she liked taking a break from social media for her mental health. “Being on social media made me anxious, or I started overthinking. My fans want me to be happy and beyond social networks,” he revealed People,

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