Kenya briefs UN Security Council on urgent measures to be taken by Mission in Haiti

kenya remembered before that UN Security Council Immediate coordinated and sequenced measures should be taken so that the mission can be successful haiti good luck.

First, he noted the need for strong multinational support with adequate resources, emphasizing funding, equipment and logistics.

In another order, the determination of Haitian leaders and their politicians to take advantage of the time after deployment to unite and carry out a political process to hold credible and comprehensive elections within a reasonable time.

He noted that a multi-pronged coordinated effort between the Government and security operations, along with United Nations agencies, is needed to support livelihoods and strengthen macroeconomic growth in Haiti’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

He said international financial reform in the medium term should work to incorporate the specific needs of the Haitian country.

Fourth, he highlighted strong public diplomacy and communication to engage civil and business society to build trust.

Fifth, he stressed that it should be nipped in the bud. Access to weapons and cutting financial support to criminal gangs In Haiti.

The Kenyan representative said State capacities to provide basic services to the most vulnerable citizens should be supported, highlighting that this is key to building trust and strengthening the social compact.

Regarding the criminal justice system, he stressed that it should be continuously strengthened.

Finally, “manage those who want to ruin the situation both inside and outside Haiti.”

it’s been three months

He called on Countries to be aware of the urgency of the situation, recalling that it has been three months since resolution 26-99 was approved, on the basis of which it authorized the deployment of a Multinational Security Assistance Mission to Haiti.

He also said the mission’s mandate is to cooperate “closely” with the Haitian National Police in restoring security and especially in the fight against gangs.

He said they have made significant progress in preparing for the mission’s deployment, highlighting that they have prepared the foundational documents on which the operation of the mission will be governed.

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