Khloe Kardashian: Why is she in a relationship with Tristan Thompson?

Khloe Kardashian explained why she wasn’t “offending” her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson!

A few years ago, Khloe Kardashian went through literal hell. As soon as she got ready to give birth to her daughter, it’s true, she Found out Tristan Thompson cheated on her, If he forgave, he continued his infidelity.

Khloe Kardashian opens up about her ex-boyfriend

In early 2022, Khloe Kardashian definitively ended her relationship with Tristan Thompson. After giving him several chances, she discovered that he was having another affair with a woman.

But this time, Khloe Kardashian learned through the media that Tristan Thompson’s mistress has become pregnant. Despite all these infidelities, the young woman still persists good relationship with your ex,

And it’s with good reason. They have to learn how to co-parent their two children, True and Tatum. In an interview with People, the girl also gave information about her relationship.

He explained: “With Tristan and I, would it really be easier to just never talk to him again and just talk to him or something?” Absolutely. But it’s very hard to be kind, ,

Khloe Kardashian also admitted: “It’s very hard when you’re really angry at someone. Sitting in front of your kids and saying ‘Alas!’ It’s really difficult to say. ,,

The girl admitted that she made a lot of efforts for her children. And for good reason, waging war against your ex will make things very difficult, So he learned to manage his emotions.

” Not me I will never regret being a kind person”

Khloe Kardashian admitted: “I had to learn to control my emotions. There were many times when my emotions took over. And I was impulsive and I tweeted something or posted something and things I regret.”,

The reality TV candidate then said: “But in my opinion, I You will never regret being a kind person, , Additionally, she wants her children to be treated well by their father.

Khloe Kardashian explained: “I want my children to have a good relationship with their father. And if we’re so lucky that we have a dad who wants to be there and show up and be involved, why should I stop that from happening? ,,

despite she went through a very difficult time, Beauty continues to do well. When Tristan Thompson and his younger brother had problems at home, he took them under his wing.

She still clarified things with the father of her children. Khloe Kardashian revealed she hasn’t forgotten what he did to her in recent years.

Kim Kardashian’s sister explained to the athlete: “I want my karma to always be good. And I’m not justifying anything you did. I mean, obviously everything you did was messed up and I’m so strong it won’t break me, ,

One thing is for sure, Khloe Kardashian shows real strength in moving forward in her life.


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