Kim Kardashian: Beauty standards, feminism, reality TV… what does she tell us about our times?

Here again, we see its effect on programs: the very codified aspects, the over-reaction, the impulsive feeling, the permanent controversy… In my opinion, it’s the same universe. The fact that it is criticized is part of it. Kim Kardashian Does not exist without controversies.

But she knows how to use it well. She has always been in control of her image (she even released a book containing stolen photos of herself).

A real tour de force from her since her sex tape story. She managed to hijack this private video, and it doesn’t matter whether it was she who made it public or not (although, she claims so in one episode). kardashian that he didn’t do it). He took responsibility for his body, he overcame all the controversies, he established himself with quite impressive strength of character. And also, as I said, their feminism is ultra-liberal and sometimes quite problematic. She still told women to “get up and go to work”. Diversity, Shortly after the confinement, we were in the midst of an economic and health crisis. talk about Kim Kardashian, It is constantly contradicting you! She is a feminist, but not too much, she is very privileged, but still has her Armenian family heritage which she talks about regularly…

In the film, you also bring up cultural appropriation which is often accused by the African-American community.

Kim Kardashian Quickly connected with North African women. Something surprising I noticed as a child was the lack of awareness about the ethnic diversity of the region of South-West Asia and North Africa. Like France, Armenians are quite invisible, so many people think Kim Kardashian She is North African because she is brown and a little black. This is surprising but it allowed them to reach many girls from working-class French backgrounds who have immigrant backgrounds. She took inspiration from them for makeup, starting with contouring which has now become a very widespread practice. Every aspect of life and personality Kim Kardashian Have to be eligible. But that’s what makes him such an interesting character.

For example, what does it say about our beauty standards?

Recently, we’ve seen a movement toward more naturalness: She’s ditched lip injections and buttock implants. A definitive look at all the beauty therapy procedures she was able to perform, although these are becoming more widely popular. It may still be very light, but I still have the impression that she is reshaping her body. In particular, it has become more sophisticated to fit into the dress. Marilyn Monroe at the Met Gala 2022 (which has caused many criticisms to the celebrity, who did not hesitate to publicly discuss the rigorous diet she imposed on herself for the event, thus potentially discouraging some women from reproducing it encouraged for, editor’s Note), and her weight loss continued thereafter. Also, I see a lot of girls on TikTok or Instagram who say they regret getting injections, this or that operation because it was fashionable… It’s tempting to have both so much hate and so much imitation. Kim Kardashian Pushes us into our corners, our contradictions. It exposes our narcissism, our complicated relationship with our bodies and women’s quest for eternal beauty.

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