Kim Kardashian or Bianca Sensori? When stars took inspiration from Kanye West’s new wife’s style

This is probably ultimately what Kanye West is looking for: a woman who combines the physical characteristics of his current wife Bianca Sensori and the character of Kim Kardashian, the mother of his four children. In any case, the Skims founder entered the American architect’s wardrobe by posing in a long brown fur coat over tights with integrated heeled ankle boots. With sunglasses perched on her nose and hair pulled back, the businesswoman was bolder than ever by deciding to wear nothing under her overcoat, thus revealing the contours of her breasts. Almost all of Bianca Sensori’s public appearances are sexy and provocative, even if Kim Kardashian makes them with extra chic. Suddenly, the comments made a connection between the two women by calling the mother “Kim Senseori”. “Why is she trying to look like Kanye West’s wife,” one user asked.

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If users are wondering so, it’s because last weekend, the 29-year-old American stepped out in a similar outfit wearing a fur coat, tights and a pair of pumps to go to dinner with Kanye West and his daughter North. , Was this an act of provocation on Kim Kardashian’s part? The American star previously admitted that she didn’t appreciate the way the rapper’s partner dressed when their kids were with them. “Kim told Kanye to never let Bianca wear clothes like that in front of their kids. An insider revealed, “She’s really surprised that Kanye let his wife leave the house like that.” daily Mail,

Apart from their resemblance and shared attire, the two women don’t have much to talk about. During the Vultures concert where Kanye West revealed the titles of his new album, Kim and Bianca chatted briefly without trying to prolong the conversation. Is there any rivalry between the two women? Is Kim Kardashian afraid of being dethroned? For us, there is no risk, because even if Bianca Sensori wore a similar dress last weekend before the superstar, Kim Kardashian has always enjoyed wearing this aesthetic and the American, no matter what, remains on top. Is.

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