Kimberly Loaiza retires from YouTube and joins Desata Las Burlas on TikTok (Video)

effect there cantante Kimberly Loaiza Announcement of public review about the final song, trend of moderators and promotion of new trends TIC Toc,

is that song Loiza Mentioned the phrase: ‘For me, for my family, for Juanito and Kima’queens son su dos hijos con juan Of Dios Pantoja, This excerpt was sent to Internet users to create memes.

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few in TIC Toc Let our users use excerpts from the song to create entertaining videos with this phrase.

Autotune en la voice de Kimberly para semar la trend viral de for greater potential and creative use TIC Toc,

Trends divide opinions among Kim’s followers

In social laws, opinions are divided among the people talking. Loiza Y queens la defendaron. “No worries about him, he has the same feelings as us which makes us feel like we are in his shoes.”,

Kimberly Loaiza On December 19 you were informed of your retirement from social law, explaining that this decision is one of the most difficult you have had to make in your entire life.

“This decision has taken more than two years, but everything you want has come to an end. The most important reason I made this decision was my friends Kima and Juanito,” Kimberly said.

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