Kimberly Loaiza’s controversies involve multiple sales of boletus.

singer Kimberly Loaiza The viewpoint has been raised and is in new controversy. There Esposa by Juan de Dios Pantoja If one day we admitted that the infidelity in my relationship was false, it could all be a result of my strategy of promoting it. Last album “X Amor”,

The originator of Mexicali’s Asimismo, Todo el Escandalo, decided to pass on a video, in addition to which it was announced that it had withdrawn from the creation of content. Furthermore, we also know that it will be visible around August 30, 2024 Sports Palace Where will you be?”Kimberly Loaiza’s last concert at CDMX,

Usuarios mentions Kimberly Loaiza after announcing her concerto

The young singer has been in the eyes of Huracán, and in the last moments she faced various controversies, stories such as infidelity, and then she was removed and the filter that went to hubo sober el boycott What did Habria achieve? kenya dew At one of our concerts from Mazatlan.

In such a situation, there is no need to criticize those who use the rules, they can be assured that it will be possible for the person who has been killed.

Before these criticisms it was revealed that the artist had followed Vendor Muay Pocos Boletos From where this will be your last consultation. Internet users can confirm the prompt “No screen” “Adios” is also part of it marketing strategy That has come true.

Revelan said Kimberly Loaiza has a short sale of boleto

At this time you can access the platform ticketmasterTo get Kim’s boleto. Ticket prices range from 732 pesos to 4,286.

In Ticketmaster web page We can appreciate that the sales of entries are low. record us that Sports Palace You have the capacity to accommodate 20,000 people.

Kimberly Baja Venta.jpg

You can view various receipts from Palacio de los Deportes on the Ticketmaster web site.


Just looking forward to seeing how the boleto sales go.”Oh God!“There’s only one thing the singer knows sold out,


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