Shaquille O’Neal becomes the hero of a teen who had a strange problem with his body

Teenagers sometimes face problems finding clothes in their size because of the so-called growth spurt, but the case jorel bolden It becomes a little more special because its size is so big that just in case of shoes, Need shoes US size 23 (41 in Mexico), so creating a custom wardrobe is extremely complex and expensive.

For this reason, the 16 year old youth is originally from here. kansas city missouri, turned to public television to tell their story. As if that wasn’t enough, his mother, tamika nealStarted an account at gofundme Raising funds to be able to create custom-made shoes, which can cost over a thousand dollars to manufacture.

a famous savior

Within a short time, people responded and Bolden’s campaign managed to raise thousands of dollars with a very wide reach across the United States, to the extent that Shaquille O’neal He found out and decided to take on the role, empathizing with his story, as he had similar problems in his youth.

“(Jorrell) didn’t have a shirt. I told him: ‘I’m sorry he doesn’t have a shirt’ and (Shaq) said: ‘What’s going on, big hottie?'” The former basketball player noted after confirming They both met and talked virtuallyAn act that would later become an unprecedented show of solidarity that resulted in three large boxes being delivered to the door of Bolden’s home.

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gifts everywhere

“It’s better than Christmas morning. After finding out this, the young man said, “Santa did not send this, Shake sent it.”The boxes were filled with new clothes and shoes.As well as items from Shaq’s own wardrobe, which included approximately 20 pairs of 22 wide-style shoes.

“They’re a big help for now. But Eventually you’ll need a bigger shoe, and that’s what this money is for“Shake said of the shoes he sent for the young man, including a little extra money on top of what he was able to raise, made Bolden completely grateful.

“Thank you for giving me the time and money you earned when I needed it. Thank you for all that will come from this and that has already happened”said the teenager, whose dream is to become a professional boxer.

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