Kylie Jenner: Her new clothing collection is controversial!

Despite the popularity of her clothing collection, Kylie Jenner has faced a lot of criticism recently.

Contrary start to the year for Kylie Jenner. In fact, its new range of clothes is already causing a lot of buzz. And not necessarily for the right reasons. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kylie Jenner: the star with a busy schedule

The life of a celebrity is not a long, calm river. and it happens sometimes it’s hard to find free time When contacted from all sides. But this daily life doesn’t bother Kylie Jenner at all!

For example, in early January, she stood out kissing timothy chalamet during golden globes 2024, A moment that fans of the famous model immediately immortalized!

After a few days, he surprised the internet users also. a major physical change, But despite the mixed reaction from his fans, he has no plans to look back.

we saw him here too Jean Paul Gaultier x Simone Rocha ShowIn which she created a sensation with her amazing outfit. Unsurprisingly, Kylie Jenner’s photos quickly went viral on social networks!

We can also talk about his remarkable appearance Valentino and Jacquemus Fashion Show, But if there’s one thing that has irked his fans in recent times, it’s rumors movie with your beloved Timothée Chalamet. Many people dream of seeing such a project come to life!

However, everything was not good for Kylie Jenner at the beginning of the year. And for good reason: its new clothing collection is talks to many customers, MCE TV tells you more!

A new clothing line that has not been unanimously accepted

It’s not always simple Imposing your vision of fashion on the general public, And Kylie Jenner learned it the hard way, as her latest KHY clothing collection is in turmoil.

In fact, many of his fans criticize him for creating dresses for “Skinny People”, A marketing direction that many Internet users evaluate “discriminatory” even “grosphobic”,

It has to be said that Kylie Jenner called models with very slim silhouette, Which clearly did not please her fans, who did not recognize themselves in these unusual shapes.

Without any surprise, dissatisfaction took over social networks where customers of the brand were able to give His strong opinion on this famous collection, sorry he’s not “more inclusive”, And we can understand them…

But then again, could Kylie Jenner move forward by proposing Clothes for other body types , Nothing is less certain…

In any case, the American model did not This topic has not been expressed yet, Even if fans are asking for answers to their requests.

Meanwhile, she continues her other projects without paying much attention to criticism, In early February, he divided his fans by organizing a special a huge birthday party For Stormi and Aire. But as the saying goes: When you love, you don’t count!

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