US vs. Cruz Azul: Why was Zendejas not penalized?

last saturday youth classic between mexican football America And blue CrossWith a narrow win for Águilas, but clearly lacking a play that would have sparked controversy Eric Lira in the area about Alejandro Zendejas Águilas in the second half, which the referee decided not to award as a penalty, being assisted by VAR,

As it has been all along Completion 2024 of mx league, referee commission They published an explanation of the move on their social networks, and also added audio of the discussion between the two, in order to make the decision transparent. oscar mejia And those responsible for video refereeing in matches.

The central whistler of the match was played Aztec Stadium was the first to express himself about the action in communications with his colleagues, giving the reason why he had not initially marked this play as a Shortage,

“Nothing, nothing, feet on the ground… and the other player is already getting loose.”

after this VAR He asks Mejía for time to be able to examine the game from different angles and at different speeds, so after a few seconds they agree on an evaluation. Punch And they decided to continue the game at the beginning of the second half.

“Everything is in order in the field, Oscar.”

What was the explanation for the drama on Zendejas?

Before disclosing this communication between Whistler, arbitration commission It is said that when Lira comes, he puts his foot in the grass. zendejas, and always tries to play the ball, although without success. Similarly, he says that the Azulcrema striker simulates before contact occurs.

This was the only play of youth classic where audio VARBut it was not the only one he analyzed in the match, from the first half America Four goals were disallowed, and some of them were verified by the video referee and his vectors.

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