María Corina Machado said that Maduro has become weak before the elections: “He will only accept a candidate he can defeat”.

María Corina Machado confirms that the Maduro regime has become very weak (EFE/Reiner Pena R)

Venezuelan presidential candidate María Corina Machado confirmed this Monday that an alternative name that represents the opposition in the next presidential elections will finally give Nicolas Maduro “the right to choose.” That’s how they kept it up Ahead of this year’s elections, the dictator is becoming increasingly weak.

Opposition leader highlighted this in virtual conversation ‘think tank’ United States of america Atlantic Council That “the price of his head is much higher than that of any other candidate”, because he has “votes” and “legitimacy”.

“The regime, today, at this moment, will only accept what it already knows, without any doubt, that it can defeat”Machado pointed to this point, explaining that Chavismo “does not accept the possibility of defeat” against the opposition.

“What conditions should be put in place for these candidates to not be associated with the government?” “Winning doesn’t matter,” he asked, pointing to the fact that when someone is winning they don’t back down from the game.

Other than this, He clarified that he was not an “illegal” candidate but “a persecuted person”.: “I can’t leave my country. I cannot take domestic flights by private or commercial aircraft. I can’t rent a hotel room. I cannot hire buses to transport my people. “I can’t rent sound equipment.”

On January 27, the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) confirmed Machado’s 15-year political ineligibility, barring him from holding public office or running in the 2024 presidential elections, a decision highly criticized by the international community. Criticized.

Dictator Maduro steps up repression against Venezuelan opposition (Reuters)

On the other hand, he noted that the “Maduro regime” has become increasingly isolated internationally, citing the example of the conflict with Guyana or the statement made by the European Parliament on 8 February, in which the European Parliament criticized his incompetence. . ,

In what sense, Machado urges international community to put pressure on Maduro Accepting the democratic path and respecting the Barbados Agreement signed between the regime and the Venezuelan opposition.

Thus, he said that one of the biggest arguments to consider should Maduro pursue this democratic path is that the situation is “untenable” and reaching a path of “complete isolation and repression” would mean that They “will have a lot to lose.”

Venezuela’s rival also made this comment Maduro’s “regime” is “very weak” and has “completely lost its social base.” On the other hand, the opposition has formed a “strong unity” with “the legitimacy of about three million people”.

With regard to the recent negotiating tables led by the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, george rodriguezWith political and social organizations to develop the electoral program, Machado said that this type of meeting should not be held in Venezuela, because the opposition is “hostage” of the regime.

“This is a parallel initiative that undermines the Barbados Agreement, which is really what governance seeks to achieve. “He wants his position of control to prepare for a false election,” he explained, before calling the initiative a “farce.”

Despite being disqualified by the Maduro regime, María Corina Machado confirmed that she will be the opposition’s presidential candidate (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez).

Machado also reminded that the Venezuelan state’s relations with Russia and Iran have increased in recent years. Russian Foreign Minister sergei lavrovVisited Caracas last week to discuss “key issues” of bilateral cooperation.

In this regard he warned that What happens in Venezuela affects the region too, leading to the growth of migration, drug trafficking and poverty. For this reason, Latin American governments have a “crucial role” in the case of Venezuela’s democratization.

He warned, “If Maduro decides to do things violently, toughly, as he has already threatened us with, it could have dire consequences not only for Venezuelans, but for the entire region.” Are.”

Regarding relations with Colombia, the opposition member highlighted that the Colombian President, gustavo petro, is running a dialogue process with the National Liberation Army (ELN). “Maduro doesn’t want that to happen. They need the ELN and others who are doing business with them here,” he stressed.

(With information from Europa Press)

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