La Jornada – drug shortages, caused by “mafias” controlling the business: AMLO

Colima, Col. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated his commitment that the national health system “will be better than Denmark’s.”

During his visit to the state, where he was accompanied by Governor Indira Vizcaino and federal officials, he said the problem of drug shortages was difficult to solve because of “mafias” controlling the business.

“The money for medicines was stolen; 100 billion were dedicated to companies linked to corrupt politicians (…) We are already solving the problem and have a pharmacy so that there is no shortage (…) We The system is going to be the best in the world, better than Denmark’s. I’m going back (to Kolyma), before we finish we will find out if it is already working 100 percent,” They said.

He said that 6,000 youth in Colima have benefited from the “Youth building the future” program, and that medicine degrees will soon begin to be offered at the “Benito Juárez” University, located in the Armeria municipality.

He commented that the constitutional reforms he proposed are to continue the “fourth transition” and that there is always a budget for social programs and it is not the decision of the rulers in power to continue implementing them.

“They are going to continue the whole plan to take care of the people. Before the budget was left in a few hands, there was a lot of corruption and it was known here in Kolyma, but now banditry is not allowed, it has to be shown. What has happened is that this corruption stopped the support from coming in. People realized more that the problem was not lack of budget but corruption. Now with this new model there is no need to increase taxes if there is no corruption then the budget is sufficient. There is no need for gasoline or to put the country in debt,” he concluded.

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