La Vinotinto suffers crushing defeat against Bolivia in pre-Olympic debut


With the hope of reaching Paris 2024 and the opportunity to be local for the first time in history, the Vinotinto team made its debut in the Pre-Olympic Soccer Tournament against the Bolivian team at the Brigido Iriarte Stadium in Caracas. With goals from Matias LaCava, Jovani Bolivar and René Rivas, Venezuela left a 3-goal tie against the Highland team, which opened the scoring with a goal from José Briceño and through Lucas Chávez and Gabriel Villamil in the final minutes. Scored a heroic goal. ,

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He Argentina coach Ricardo Valino formed the first 11 of the competition with a formation of 4-2-3-1. And many players have been filming previous FIFA U-17 World Cups. The title under target will be for Francisco Benítez; Andrés Ferro and Carlos Vivas will be the pair of defenders in the back row, with Alex Custodio and Rene Rivas on the flanks providing launch to the attack and slowing down when it is time to create spaces; In midfield, Bryant Ortega, Telasco Segovia and Matias Lacava will be in charge of maintaining order and opening up spaces, while David Martínez and Jovani Bolivar will distribute on the wings to support offensive actions and send the ball to the lone striker Kevin Kelsey.

for its part, Brazilian Antonio Carlos Zago would propose a similar formation., Carlos Adorno was taking care of the goal; The defense will feature Denilson Duran, Cesar Romero, Jairo Quinteros and Diego Medina; The first line of recovery in the main area will be composed of Marcos Salazar and Gabriel Villamil, while Fernando Nava, Lucas Chávez and Miguel Villarroel will be more advanced; Up front will be Jose Miguel Briceño at number nine in the field.

The first 10 minutes of the game would start with jammed balls and unsuccessful passes for both teams.Without a clear arrival on goal but had modest possession for the Vinotinto team.


The Venezuelan goalkeeper’s first intervention in the 11th minute came without any major complications. A front shot from Nava.

Bolivia kept the ball hidden from Venezuelan players for 20 minutes of the game. The most obvious option of commitment would come five minutes later, the moment when a filtered ball from Medina would pass in front of the Vinotinto goal. And then got hit over the head by Duran However, the ball was sent towards the edge of the goal.

Briceño opened the scoring for La Verde in the 31st minute of the matchAfter a shot that he himself took and hit the defense, on the rebound he sent a shot more powerful than the previous one and hit it into the right corner of the Vinotinto goal with no chance for the Venezuelan goalkeeper.


The first clear substitute for Vinotinto came in the 36th minute and that was for Lacava, who, with a shot from the right end of the area, caused trouble to the Bolivian goalkeeper, who managed to deflect the extreme goal towards the corner kick. However, A minute later LaCava tried again and equalized with a brilliant finish. After sending a bouncing shot which slipped past the goalkeeper at the opposite post.

El Brigido attacked in the 42nd minute. Kelsey was the first to get a ball in front of goal after the Bolivian defense was badly stopped on the counter-attack, his shot crashed horizontal though on the rebound to Martínez. Bolivar and crossed a shot with his right foot into the upper left corner of the goal, defended by Adorno, who despite an acrobatic jump could do nothing to prevent a sensational goal.


In stoppage time of the first half, Bolivia tried to equalize but their arrival was unsuccessful and both teams will go to the locker room with a partial victory for Vinotinto.

The second half started with the same tone with which the first half had ended, with Vinotinto focusing on attack and proposing more attempts at the opponent’s goal. This happened after just 30 seconds, A shot from Bolivar from outside the area almost put the third goal on the scoreboard.

The match passed without incident on both fronts, with few chances and several meaningless turnovers putting the game in a disappointing state. At 60 minutes, the first change would come for Vinotinto, with the coach bringing on Carlos Faia for Valino Martínez.

Venezuela increased the score in the 17th minute of the second half, when Segovia sent a pass through the defense to the left end. There he welcomed Rivas, who, once inside, sent a right hand at ground level that Adorno could do nothing to stop. Later, due to an injury to Ferro he was forced to leave the commitment and Jesús Quintero would enter in his place.


At the 23rd minute of the second half, When a cross from the penalty spot caught the defense by surprise, Bolivia were warned for a dangerous arrival, but Chávez’s header was cleared. It will go into the hands of goalkeeper Vinotinto. a minute later 10 De La Verde got the opportunity to enjoy the honey of revenge from the penalty spotHowever, Benitez once again became his enemy and prevented the second goal for the Highland team.


After Bolivia’s misfortune in planning to close the gap, coach Zago brought in three players. Nava, Salazar and Villarroel would leave for Javier Ujeda, Carlos Cejas and Jason Chura respectively.

With 7 minutes left in the game, Bolivia took advantage of a poor clearance by Custodio. Chávez would be left alone against Benítez and as they say, the third time was the charm and he was able to beat the goalkeeper with a cross shot at the far post. After the goal, Briceno would come on for Daniel Ribera to try to get the equaliser.

Cejas would be taken off the game in the 88th minute of the game despite having been on the field for barely 15 minutes.

La Vinotinto will make its final changes, bringing in Jose Riasco, Jesús Paz and Emerson Ruiz for Kelsey, Bolivar and Segovia respectively. LaVerde will do the same by bringing in John Velasquez for Duran.

However, the final moments would pass in disarray for both teams, with numerous fouls and inaccurate passes in the middle of the field. Bolivia equalized with Villamil’s long-range shot Which surprised Benítez and gave the final figures in a match where goals were the protagonists.

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