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With the aim of providing a more modern, experiential and comfortable space for its visitors and business partners Las Cascades Shopping Center Renew your image. The transformation includes refreshing the interior and exterior of the building and its brand.

With 201 establishments, including restaurants, fashion and beauty brands, supermarkets, five-star hotels, national and business services, the shopping center has been renovated An attractive exterior inspired by the movement of green nature, The common areas and commercial areas have been redesigned with a vision to provide a space that reflects the latest trends and needs for the new generations at the forefront.

“We are very pleased to continue contributing to the economic and social development of the country.” From the beginning of operations, we were committed to providing convenient accommodations for our visitors. “Our goal has always been to maintain continuous improvement in our facilities, taking into account not only visual renovation, but also functional and sustainable aspects.” commented, Fernando Páez Andrade, Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors,

In the new image of the shopping center, industrial and avant-garde architecture can be seen with the concept of “contrast textures” that integrates vegetation and warmth with different wood tones.

With an investment of over $1 million, the shopping center looks to continue to provide an even more engaging and safe shopping experience with new brands.
reclaimed area

In its new image, an industrial and avant-garde architecture can be seen with the concept of “contrasting textures” that integrates vegetation and warmth.
Different wood tones.

Vertical elements have been incorporated to symbolize modernity through the inclusion of lighting and various contemporary materials and textures. The building offers a constant rhythm of different materials that strive to improve the overall experience of visitors.


“Being the first, and after 21 years of being the benchmark in our sphere of influence, we want Las Cascadas to continue to innovate.
“We want to create a unique space where the visiting experience will be enhanced with a vibrant and modern environment that connects with the diversity of the brands and the innovation of new designs.”
Paz Andrade added.

under the slogan “Las Cascades, incredibly convenient” The shopping center unveiled its new image, which represents a new chapter in its history, reaffirming its commitment to providing its visitors with a new and exciting experience that reflects its dedication to innovation and excellence .

About Las Cascadas Shopping Center

Las Cascades Shopping Center was born in 2003 as the first shopping center in the region, which housed Hiper Paz, the largest supermarket up to that time, which later changed its name to Walmart.

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Its mission from the beginning has been Get Salvadoran families in a safe, comfortable environment with everything they need for their shopping, In 2016, the shopping center has gone through several changes in terms of image and infrastructure, with an additional commercial area being added in 2017, which is Plaza Soho and the five-star Hyatt Centric hotel.

One of the most relevant aspects of the shopping center is its impeccable record of physical security at very high standards, one of the highest in the country.

with renewal It will have 201 commercial spaces, before the renovation the parking capacity was 931 spaces, now that the office building has been added, 650 parking spaces have been added.,

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