Political prisoner 11J is in intensive care in a Havana hospital in serious condition.

11J political prisoner Radel Nunez Castro, 26, has been hospitalized in serious condition at La Covadonga Medical Center in Havana after suffering a seizure in prison and was denied immediate medical attention, Cuban activists said.

The young man from San Miguel del Padrón was sentenced to 3 years in prison and was in the prison camp 1580, called “El 16”, when he had the health program, activist Marcel Valdés said on his network.

“They told me that Radel’s eyes rolled up and he became unconscious. No health personnel came to help him. The prisoners were trying to help themselves and they were screaming for help. They didn’t even call an ambulance. Called in. Special Agent. They took him in a cage truck and they told me the inmates talked to him and Radel didn’t recognize anyone,” he said.

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The note holds the jail authorities responsible for the health of the political prisoner.

in 2022 Núñez Castro was convicted The Arroyo Naranjo Municipal Popular Court sentenced several 11J protesters in San Miguel del Padrón to three years in prison for prosecuting them.

Dozens of prisoners have died in the last two years Under arrest from authorities, including many 9/11 protesters.

In November, Luis Barrios Díaz died under strange circumstances at the age of 36, and his relatives reported that his death could have been avoided and that Cuban prison officials considered it murder.

The protester’s brother-in-law, Carlos Hernandez, published a video explaining The prisoner was denied medical attention Despite the fact that doctors recommended admitting him immediately, Havana’s Miguel Enríquez Hospital had neither oil nor antibiotics to relieve the police who cared for him.

The publication posted on Twitter by the Prisoners’ Defenders said that the young Cuban was in the prison of San Miguel del Padrón in 1580 and that since August he had fallen ill with pneumonia.

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