Learn English for free with Google: learn about these tools offered by the famous search engine

Google has become a “classroom” so you can learn English for free. Photo: Pexels/PhotoMIX Company.

If speaking English is your strength in this competitive and globalized world, it will be more beneficial to pursue new educational and professional opportunities.

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If you feel you need to continue improving, you will learn about the many tools that Google offers to practice English for free.

How to learn English for free with Google

Four tools are presented on the Ensenem de Ciência site:

1. Speaking practice

With this tool you can access pronunciation correction in real time, as well as participate in 3 to 5 minute practice sessions.

To access this tool is simple, “You just have to look for translation in the Google search bar,” they indicate in Ansename de Ciência.

Speaking Practice Style is a new functionality of Google search engine available on Android app from October 2023. They add to Venezuela News that it is based on artificial intelligence that uses the LaMDA and PaLM language models developed by Google.

What is Google’s speaking engagement about?

This option will appear when a user searches for English to English translation in the Google app.

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