Learn how to register two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile to use them at the same time

WhatsApp has come up with a new tool to satisfy user disagreements. Photo: Politics Research & Technology Zachary Shurer/dpa – File

In the vast universe of instant messaging applications, WhatsApp has established itself as an indispensable tool for daily communication for billions of people in different parts of the world. The application whose popularity transcends borders, ages and professions, has been able to adapt to the growing demands of the public looking for greater multifunctionality. A novelty that few people know is that the platform has introduced the “Add account” option, which offers new ways of interaction and personalization for each user.

This choice has come about as a result of the contemporary trend toward digitalization of almost all aspects of personal and business life. Many WhatsApp users found the limitation of only being able to manage one account per mobile device limiting.

This not only complicated the separation between work and personal life, but also forced users to purchase a second mobile device to manage a second WhatsApp account. Given this need, the option “Add Account” This is a practical option that allows users to manage multiple accounts on a single device.

This option allows you to have two accounts with different numbers on the same device. Photo: Taken from WhatsApp

This functionality is presented as a direct response to the “dual messenger” feature offered by some Android devices, but with the advantage of being integrated directly into the WhatsApp app. To activate a second account associated with a different phone number, users must follow a series of specific procedures designed to ensure the correct functioning of this new option.

To add a second WhatsApp account on your device, these are the steps , The first thing to do is to check that the WhatsApp application is updated to avoid inconveniences. Then, access the main menu of the application by clicking on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner and select “Adjustment” In the menu that appears. In Settings, find and tap the down arrow icon next to the QR code and select the “Add account” option. Don’t worry, this process will not affect your main account information.

To register a new number, follow the steps as if you were using WhatsApp for the first time. This includes choosing your country, entering the verification code, as well as optionally adding a profile photo and filling in your user information. After these steps, you will have successfully linked the second account to your device.

This option also aims to create more organization in receiving messages on different topics. (pictorial image infobae)

There is another way to add an additional account which starts by accessing “Settings” from the main menu. Within Settings, go to “Account” and select “Add Account” following the same registration process outlined.

Its method of use is practical and simple and does not make the transition from one profile to another difficult., To switch between accounts, simply go back to the option where the account was added and select “Switch Account.” This will allow you to move freely between the primary and secondary profiles with ease.

The ability to seamlessly switch between accounts promises not only to improve organization and separation between users’ work and personal areas, but is also expected to optimize the use of space and resources on their mobile devices, which There are aspects that were questioned by users. But he already has the correct answers.

WhatsApp is also constantly updating, adding new options to the application aimed at making its use more satisfying, and not bringing stagnation in creativity, staying at the forefront of other contemporary apps and registering more people of different ages and places in the world. The profile has to be attractive. ,

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