Liberty assures that it has already completed the migration process for 85% of its customers – Metro Puerto Rico

Telecom and Internet Company Freedom Assured that he has already completed the migration 85% of its customers are mobile And this process is expected to be finished between next March and April.

According to Liberty’s senior vice president and general manager, Eduardo Diaz-CoronaTechnical issues encountered during the migration have been worked on and assurances have been given that the process has been “significantly improved and the team continues to work on optimizing billing and other services such as better and expanded coverage.”

“We thank our customers for their loyalty and support.” We are aware of the issues that some of our customers have faced due to the migration process, and we are working tirelessly to resolve them. I assure you that this temporary process will bring many lasting benefits in the near future,” Diaz-Corona said. “This technological transformation will allow us to better serve our customers and provide them with converged services to meet their current connectivity, communication and entertainment needs and the best experience on the market. It will also give us full control and flexibility to create offers, rates, promotions and policies tailored to Puerto Rican consumers,” he said.

Likewise, he did not rule out that customers might experience temporary interruptions in service, but assured that the situation would be “easily resolved by updating the device’s operating system or by turning off the device and restarting it.” It gets done.” In some cases, it is necessary to replace or reconfigure the equipment while others require modification SIM card, Liberty encourages its customers to keep an eye out for company emails and texts containing information specific to account users.

Once the process is complete, customers will be able to enjoy a simplified billing process, better account management, and continued access to sales and customer service through the Pages web, app, chat, or phone. “These changes are being made keeping customer convenience and satisfaction as our top priorities,” he said. Diaz-Corona.

“We have a proven track record of nearly 25 years of sustained and significant investment in Puerto Rico and during that time we have been able to overcome numerous challenges such as hurricanes, earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining a network of fixed Have been.” Fastest and most reliable mobile network. We will come out of this better and stronger than ever. Collectively, we have a large number of employees with incredible experience and commitment to our customers. Together we can move forward for the good of Puerto Rico. Liberty brings freer competition and more consumer choice to our marketplace, millions of dollars of investment in innovation, infrastructure and technology, thousands of direct and indirect jobs, and millions of dollars in donations to charities serving our communities. “We are a company based in Puerto Rico and with this change, we will become a world-class telecommunications company focused 100% on the Puerto Rican market,” Diaz-Corona said.

Regarding the investigation of the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Bureau regarding the immigration process of FreedomDiaz-Corona said the company “is complying with the organization’s request as it did last November.” Several officials from various departments of the company will be present during the NET hearing tomorrow and will provide all the information required to the Bureau.

“This hearing is part of an investigative process initiated by NET in November, in which we have cooperated fully. It started when we experienced a series of unexpected situations in October, which impacted many customers. All those issues were resolved and the process has improved tremendously since then. We have diligently provided all the information Nate requested from us, complied with its orders, and we will continue to do so,” Diaz-Corona said.

In recent months, the company’s customers have experienced service failures due to the migration process that the company undertakes after purchase. AT&T in Puerto Rico.

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