Lions beat Rams 24-23 and are still alive in 2024 playoffs

Detroit Lions defeated crowbar To survive and advance 24-23 in the last match of the day divisional round For the first time in 32 years.

many fans who watched the victory detroit They sure were kids in 1992, when the Cats beat Dallas divisional games By 38-6. This was his last win until this Sunday. They snapped a nine-game losing streak, their longest active streak, to smile again and learn what winning means. post season,

The first half of the game was truly a battle of offenses, as while one team scored, the other team responded. This is how we got the benefit of halftime detroit Till 21-17.

Kitten’s score fell on carry david montgomery And Jahmir GibbsWhile the second fell through close to the score Jared Goff To Sam Laporta, For their part, the Angelenos’ points came from a field goal and a pair of touchdown passes from Brett Maher. matt stafford To puka nakua And Tutu Atwal.

For the second half, the defensive adjustment paid off, as only nine points were dropped, all on field goals; one of Michael Badgley and two more Maher, Those were the only points that were presented, the rest was a matter of defense.

Now with this victory detroit Who will determine the winner of this Monday’s match? Philadelphia and Tampa Bay and inside again Ford Field, It also marks a historical fact, as it will be the first time that they will play twice on home ground. playoffs,

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