López Obrador has called Miley’s economic policies “theft in the desert.” news from mexico

"Maybe the novelty is that the man is more spendthrift, but the approach is the same, he comes and says: 'In Argentina all the debts of the rich are taken over by the government, because that way we are going to reactivate the Argentine economy. Are.  ,  robbery in the desert"López Obrador expressed.

Mexico City.- This Friday, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorDescribed the economic policy of the Argentine President, xavier mileyAs A “Aggravated robbery”,

They brainwashed us (with neoliberalism) and now when it is the Miley phenomenon again, maybe the novelty is that the man is more spendthrift, but the approach is the same, he comes and says: ‘All the debts of the rich of Argentina, The government accepts them, because this is how we are going to reactivate the Argentinian economy. Robbery in a non-populated area,” López Obrador said at his daily conference.

The President thus confirmed his criticism against Miley, whom he had previously called a “conservative fascist” and whom he questioned for his economic measures, such as Decision of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) Which came into force in December to deregulate much of Argentina’s economy.

The Mexican president compared what the Argentine president is doing to what happened in Mexico during what he calls the “neoliberal period”, which, according to him, occurred during the presidency of Carlos Salinas de Gortari (1988–1994). Started with privatization. ,

Giving clear, open access to private companies is what Miley is doing now, with all due respect to the President of Argentina, this is nothing new: ‘We are going to make the state disappear, let the state weaken, We are going to leave the entire market. “We have already faced this,” López Obrador said.

The Mexican president has been one of the Latin American leaders most critical of Miley’s economic policy, which has generated controversy this week. davos forumin Switzerland, stating that “The state is not the solution”, but rather “the problem itself”,

In a half-hour speech, which the Argentine President began with a warning that “the West is in danger” because of the progress of socialism, he recommended to businessmen “Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the parasites who live off the political race or the state.”,

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