Love Is Blind contestant “catfished” by woman who claims she looks like Megan Fox

J’Kayla Crawford

An A-list celebrity was name-dropped by Chelsea on Love Is Blind season 6 and fans aren’t happy about it.

One factor about being a celebrity is the idea that someone is getting attention because they are your lookalike, and most of these comparisons are really weird.

There was also an instance when Olivia Rodrigo was fooled by her own lookalike.

Speaking of lookalikes, one of the many contestants on Love Is Blind US season 6 claims he looks exactly like the lead actress. But, audiences aren’t buying it at all.

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Megan Fox as Gina in the cast of The Expendables 4lionsgate

Is Chelsea Really In Love With Blind Megan Fox?

On February 14, after the first few episodes of Season 6 ended, LIB viewers immediately took to Reddit to discuss a specific scene with Chelsea Blackwell.

Specifically, she told a boy that she was Megan Fox’s look-alike.

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Not only were fans unhappy with the way she presented her fun facts in the pod, but they literally didn’t believe she resembled Megan at all.

One fan wrote, “It was so disappointing that she introduced it as “I look like MGK’s girlfriend or wife” as if she didn’t know Megan Fox’s name. It was so disturbing.”

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Another fan chimed in and wrote, “He got caught in a catfish on a show where it’s almost impossible to get caught in a catfish.”

Even Jimmy admitted he was shocked by what Chelsea said. “She definitely told me some things about, uh, what she looked like. Chelsea told me she looks like Megan Fox. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. I am very attracted to him. I can work with her,” he said of his new fiancée.

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Many celebrities have revealed that they watch Love Is Blind, so who knows? Maybe Megan Fox herself will reveal whether or not Chelsea is actually her look-alike.

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