Luis Suarez on his Inter Miami debut: “We want to win the 2024 MLS Cup”

Experienced a special night this Wednesday with the beginning of major league soccer 2024Where? Inter Miami defeated Real Salt Lake (2-0) In a huge game at Chase Stadium. A very important aspect is Herons fans were able to enjoy watching Luis Suárez’s first official game in their colors and Uruguay responded with an assist from Diego Gómez.,

It’s true that the spotlight largely goes on Lionel Messi – who also assisted Robert Taylor – but the emotions generated by seeing the ‘Pistolero’ were too much for the fans in South Florida. Although he had already received praise before the match and dedicated a few words to David BeckhamAt the end of the meeting the Uruguayan player also raised his voice,

In an interview with Apple TV’s Tony Cherchi from the playground, Suárez highlighted the importance of reuniting with Messi, Suárez and Alba to direct the Miami project: “I am very happy because this is the first game won at home. We are friends on and off the field, we want to do our best to help Inter Miami and win the title this year,

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Subsequently, after the club won the Leagues Cup 2023, ‘Lucho’ also took the time to clarify his goals with the Herons: “There is no better ambition and desire than coming to a team that won its first title only last year. Trying to get that MLS team that didn’t get it. The desire and challenge is the MLS Cup, “It will be very important.”

Suarez sends a message to MLS teams

When asked what his former FC Barcelona teammates could tell him about the North American league, Suárez insisted: “I already knew and know what MLS is, but later I also It appears that All teams would like to beat you and compete because we are one of them who can fight for the title,

,They know we want that, that we have that ambition And then you have to enjoy and try to help the team,” concluded ‘Tata’ Martino’s starting center forward for a year full of challenges in Fort Lauderdale. For now, the Uruguayan striker was able to experience his first official MLS match and although he did not manage to score a goal, He provided his first assist as Diego Gomez made it 2–0.,

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