Lula supports ex-footballer Robinho, who is serving time on rape charges in Brazil.

The former Real Madrid player was sentenced to nine years in prison in Italy for raping a young woman in 2013

President of brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvaannounced during an interview released on Monday that he supports the former football player real madrid robinho, condemned in Italy Served his sentence in the South American country, for participating in a gang rape.

The President acknowledged during an interview on the SBT television network that the crime of which the 40-year-old athlete was convicted is “unforgivable” and that he should already be serving his sentence.

“All people who commit the crime of rape should be imprisoned (…). A man who has money, is rich and famous, commits gang rape, and believes that he has not committed any crime, believes that He was drunk. This is shameful,” he said.

robinho sentenced in Italy Nine years in prison for raping a young Albanian woman in a nightclub in 2013 Milan And the sentence was confirmed by the European country’s highest court in 2022, following which an international prison order was issued.

However, the order was not followed due to the involvement of a former football player brazilWhose constitution prohibits extradition of the country’s citizens.

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice must decide on March 20 whether to approve the Italian decision robinho eventually goes to jail brazil,

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