“Lying is already a way of life”

Cuban comedian otto ortiz He reacted angrily to Wednesday’s pro-government roundtable meeting, which discussed insurance in Cuba.

Otto, who has several times publicly condemned the national insurance company (ESEN), which failed to comply with its obligation to replace the actor’s car after it was damaged in an accident, has falsified the truth to the media. Criticized its leaders for proving ineffective, and also for not questioning anything said in the programme.

“Today they held a round table and talked about car insurance. They lied openly, they lied in public, lying is already a way of life. And everyone knows it, those who lie And those who listen and do not ask believe the lies. He asked on his Facebook account, “Where is Cuban journalism left?”

Facebook Capture/Otto Ortiz

The actor accused ESEN and the Caudal Group that represents it of not fulfilling their commitments and accused its manager of lying on television.

“The manager said that in 2023 they have increased the delivery of cars for replacement, but they did not explain that the majority of those who received cars that do not run are cars that are taken to Escatolina and they Take them away as they go and never know when they’ll need them. They’ll provide cars that will do the job,” he said.

“We’re in 2024 and they owe customers from 2019. They can’t say they’ve improved when what they deliver is worthless and they’re five years behind,” he said.

In the comedian’s opinion, Round Table does not respect itself when making these programs, and he asked that they also invite subscribers and influencers.

He concluded, “Let them see both sides of the problem; that’s journalism, what they do is false advertising. And I say this knowingly, I’m impressed.”

Last week, Ortiz announced that he would soon He will travel to Spain for work and has contracted travel insurance with ESEN,

He sarcastically asked, “Lord, please protect me, take care of me from all evil. I have spent money on insurance for my happiness. May nothing happen to me.”

in September, announced its intention to sue ESEN, Because years ago he signed a contract to insure his car and it was of no use to him.

The comedian accused the company and its managers of making agreements for years that they could not fulfill, and only “meeting to spend time with their disgruntled customers and prolong their suffering.”

“In a country where importing cars is no longer a crime, in a country where large numbers of rental cars are sent to an entity dedicated to selling them on for parts or delivering them for replacement, such a country There are parking lots full of unused cars in the U.S. It is absurd that this company, ESEN, is continuing the same discussion from years ago and not giving any concrete answers,” he questioned.

“ESEN, don’t fool us any longer, remove the car replacement from your insurance system, comply with what you have, and after that, try again,” he insisted.

There was an insurance policy on Otto’s car. Unfortunately, his vehicle became worthless after an accident and despite his persistent claims, the company did not pay him the money he was entitled to even years after the accident occurred.

The businessman also asked his friends and followers to let them know if they knew of a lawyer or any way he could sue the company.

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