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madam web Expands Sony’s universe of Marvel characters even further, introducing Dakota Johnson’s titular superhero. The film introduces the Venomverse to the larger Marvel Multiverse through the eyes of Cassandra Webb, who develops psychic powers that allow her to see into other universes.

Cassandra Webb is not the only hero who appears in madam web, However. In an effort to rapidly expand its cinematic universe, Sony is including several other Marvel Comics heroines in the film. From Sidney Sweeney’s Spider-Woman to Adam Scott’s Ben Parker, these are all the characters audiences need to know about before watching madam web,

7 Adam Scott is Ben Parker

Ben Parker arrives at the crash site in Madame Web


How did Madame Web learn Spider-Man’s secret identity and then forget it?

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  • Adam Scott is known for his work in series such as Parks and Recreation, Big Little LiesAnd separation, He also acted in many prestigious films including step brother,

Adam Scott plays Ben Parker madam web, Audiences will definitely recognize the character, who is the uncle of Peter Parker himself. In this universe, Ben works with the New York City Fire Department, which is new to the character. When Ben Parker appears in this he is not usually a young man Spider Man Movies and in general, they don’t have much of a life on screen.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of events Ben Parker will influence madam web, but it’s unlikely audiences will get to see his infamous death scene just yet. The character is more likely to appear in the film as a way to hint at the Venomverse’s future Spider-Man, who may still be very young during the events of Madam Web.

6 Tahar Rahim is Ezekiel Sims

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  • Tahar Rahim has acted in many films in his career. mauritanian And Ridley Scott’s recent biopic napoleon,

Tahar Rahim plays Ezekiel Sims, a mysterious explorer who has ties to Cassandra Webb’s deceased mother. Ezekiel Sims is madam webThe main villain, who is searching for a little-known tribe in the Amazon rain forest. Ezekiel’s quest reveals that he has been bitten by a spider, giving him unusual superpowers, including the ability to see his future and death.

In the comics, Ezekiel Sims is a wealthy businessman who has powers similar to those of Peter Parker, the superhero known as Spider-Man. Ezekiel introduces Spider-Man to the larger Spider-Verse, which includes many of his allies and dangerous enemies. Sims is a slightly controversial character in the comics because her appearance turned Peter into a hero, having been chosen as a “Spider Totem” as opposed to a casual hero. He is so deeply involved with Peter that it becomes difficult to see how he will interact in this madam web Movies.

5 emma roberts is mary parker

Mary and Richard Parker as CIA agents in Untold Tales of Spider-Man


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  • Emma Roberts has appeared in many popular projects including scream 4 And American Horror Story,

Emma Roberts will appear madam web As Mary Parker, Peter Parker’s younger mother. The character has been virtually absent from the film’s marketing so far, but has been confirmed to appear in it at some point. This led some fans to wonder what his role might be in the film and whether or not he would be used to introduce this universe’s Spider-Man.

In the comics, Mary Parker is much more than Spider-Man’s mother. She and her husband Richard were undercover SHIELD agents carrying out missions against hardened villains like the Red Skull. madam web may choose to adapt parts of this story, perhaps including the tragic events leading to the Parkers’ death and Peter’s adoption by his aunt and uncle.

4 isabela merced arna

Arana in Madame Web

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  • Isabella Merced is known for her work in films such as immediate family, Sicario: Day of the SoldadoAnd Transformers: The Last Knight, She will also play a major role as Hawkgirl in James Gunn’s new DCU.

Isabella appears in Merced madam web Anya as Corazon, a young girl whose future Cassandra Webb considers highly important. She and a group of other young women gain spider-based superpowers, making them the targets of criminal Ezekiel Sims. Anya is forced to hone her skills to become the superhero known as Arana.

In Marvel Comics, Anya Corazon is a superhero who fights alongside Spider-Man and several other Spider-based characters. She is one of several characters in the Marvel Universe to adopt the pseudonym Spider-Girl, although she is more commonly known as Arana. Interestingly, actress Isabella Merced is also set to appear as DC superhero Hawkgirl superman: legacy,

3 Celeste O’Connor is Mattie Franklin

Mattie-Franklin becomes Spider-Girl in Madame Web

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  • Celeste O’Connor recently appeared in films such as freaky And Ghostbusters: Afterlife,

madam web Introducing Mattie Franklin, illustrated by Celeste O’Connor. Franklin is one of three young women whom Cassandra Webb takes under her wing after seeing their future. Hunted by the villainous Ezekiel Sims, Mattie Franklin and her new allies do their best to hone their abilities and fight back.

In comics, Matty Franklin is the son of Daily Bugle publisher J. She is the niece of Jonah Jameson, who leads a public campaign against the superhero Spider-Man. Ironically, Jameson is completely unaware that her niece is another Spider-based superhero, one of several characters to adopt the moniker of Spider-Woman over the years. A version of Matty Franklin’s Spider-Woman also appeared in a recent animated film Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, popularity of spider verse movies can help madam web And Mattie Franklin achieved some traction among a wider audience.

2 Sydney Sweeney is Spider-Woman

Julia Carpenter as Spider-Woman in Madame Web


Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web is different from the comic version in every way

Sony has been known to take liberties with Spider-Man characters, leading up to Madame Web, as Dakota Johnson’s take on the hero is very different.

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  • Sidney Sweeney is known for her work on HBO Excitement More recent rom-coms anyone except you,

Sidney Sweeney makes his superhero debut madam web As Julia Cornwall, the third of a trio of women who become the targets of Ezekiel Sims. After teaming up with Matty Franklin, Anya Corazon and Cassandra Webb, Julia learns to harness her new superpowers and takes on the alter-ego of Spider-Woman. To save the Spider-Verse, four Spider-based heroes fight together against Ezekiel Sims.

Julia Cornwall is known as Julia Carpenter in Marvel Comics and is one of several superheroes to use the Spider-Woman name over the years. Although she is not the only woman to hold the title, Julia Carpenter is perhaps the most famous Spider-Woman, although she is also sometimes known by the name Arachne. Over the years, Carpenter battled teams such as Omega Flight, Secret Defenders, and even the West Coast Avengers. Eventually, she replaced Cassandra Webb as the new Madame Webb, a nickname she would carry with her for years to come.

1 dakota johnson is madam web

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  • Dakota Johnson is known for her work Social Networks And this fifty Shades Franchise.

Dakota Johnson plays Cassandra Webb, a paramedic working in New York City who gains superhuman powers after being involved in a strange accident. Using her newfound ability to see the future, Webb takes up the mantle of Madame Web and teams up with a trio of superheroes with spider-based powers against the mysterious and dangerous Ezekiel Sims.

Madame Web is the center of the Spider-Verse in Marvel Comics, often using her particularly close connection with the Great Web of Life and Destiny to connect different branches of the multiverse. Madame Web gained immense popularity in the 90s through the animated Spider-Man series. Sony’s Madame Web could prove central to their ongoing cinematic universe, perhaps connecting franchises like the Venomverse and spider verse Movies in a harmonious world.

madam web updated movie poster

madam web

Cassandra Webb is a paramedic from New York City who is beginning to show signs of presbyopia. Forced to confront revelations about his past, he must save three young women from a mysterious rival who wants them dead.

release date
14 February 2024

sj clarkson

Sydney Sweeney, Isabella Merced, Dakota Johnson, Emma Roberts

penis of hand
super hero

Kerem Sanga, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless

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