Madame Web: Find out what role Emma Roberts plays in the Spider-Man spin-off movie

Madame Web has arrived in theaters and reviews for this Spider-Man spin-off movie are mixed. Starring Dakota Johnson playing the role of Cassandra Webb, the recently released Marvel film features a talented cast including Sidney Sweeney, Adam Scott, Celeste O’Connor, Isabella Merced, Tahar Rahim, and Emma Roberts. Set in a universe where Spider-Man has yet to appear, but the film drops hints about the iconic character, leading to speculation about a cameo from the friendly neighborhood superhero in a future installation. Meanwhile, Roberts’ role was initially kept a secret, but it has been revealed by that she will be playing Mary Parker. Meanwhile, Scott plays Ben Parker, who works as a paramedic alongside Dakota’s Cassandra Webb.

In the film, Mary is shown to be married to Ben, unlike the comics and other Spider-Man adaptations where Mary’s husband is Richard Parker. In the comic book, Mary and Richard are undercover SHIELD agents assigned a mission to go after villains. In the next part, Madam Web could potentially touch on the tragic events of Mary’s demise and Peter being adopted by his aunt and uncle. In an interesting scene from the film, three Spider-Women help Mary and Ben Parker reach the hospital for the birth of their child. However, the film keeps Peter’s name a mystery, leaving the audience in suspense.

In a prior interview with The Wrap, Dakota Johnson said, “There were massive changes and I can’t even tell you what they were. It added a lot of different camera set-ups, like triple the amount of work and it was very complex and there were only minor differences between each version of the same scene, so it was like puzzle pieces, and really we Paying attention to what moment we’re in, and what angle we’re in, and continuity and things like that. I was very lost and the director SJ Clarkson always knew where we were, which was really incredible.”

Madame Web follows Dakota Johnson’s character, Cassandra Webb, as a New York City paramedic who later develops mystic abilities. As the story progresses, Cassandra finds herself in a situation where she must save three young women, Julia Cornwall, Mattie Franklin, and Anya Corazon, from a mysterious enemy who is determined to end their lives.

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