Maduro demoted him for “conspiracy”: who is the Venezuelan lieutenant kidnapped in Santiago

Ronald Ojeda Moreno x

A group of unidentified people broke into the apartment in Santiago where Venezuelan Army Lieutenant (R) Ronald Ojeda Moreno lives, to take him to an undisclosed location.

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The Venezuelan family reported the kidnapping to the Public Ministry, while the Carabineros and PDI are working to find him.

Those close to Ojeda Moreno say it will be an operation of Venezuela’s Military Counterintelligence General Directorate. In parallel, sources at LA Radio indicated that people linked to organized crime may be behind the incident.

Who is Lieutenant Colonel (R) Ronald Ojeda Moreno?

Ojeda Moreno is one of 33 soldiers demoted and expelled from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) by Nicolás Maduro for “conspiracy”.

As detailed by the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense on January 24, 2024, Lieutenant Ojeda is part of the list of military professionals in activity and active reserve status “conspiracies through the planning of criminal and terrorist actions to attack the system Is included in.” of the legitimately constituted government, state authorities and institutions, and the Venezuelan people.”

Above, Portfolio added, “Even the assassination of a national leader is being considered in the first place, all of which represent ‘acts of treason’.”

Specifically, the Venezuelan man in uniform comes in 26th place. In the statement, Venezuela’s Defense Ministry explained that these soldiers “are not eligible to join our ranks due to their conduct breaking national and military laws and regulations.”

In return, the Maduro regime has not ruled out taking criminal steps as a result of the crimes it has been accused of. “Zero tolerance for traitors!” The statement ends.

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