Maduro regime accuses Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel of “betraying the country”

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab (Reuters/File)

Activists and experts on military issues Rocío San MiguelDetained while she was preparing to travel outside Venezuelawill be accused of “betrayal of the country,terror” And “conspiracy“, the Attorney General reported this Monday, tarek william saab,

Saab said x that he public ministry “Will request the anti-terrorism court to handle the case.”preventive deprivation of judicial independence against the citizen Rocío del Carmen San Miguel Sosa “For the alleged commission of crimes including treason, conspiracy, terrorism and collaboration.”

Safety of San Miguel It was previously reported that she and her five relatives: her daughter, two brothers, her father and ex husband He faced “enforced disappearance”.

it is “A clear pattern of enforced disappearances“, Said juan gonzalez taguarucoone of the following defense attorney The activist was detained at the airport’s immigration area on February 9 maquetia he serves Caracas,

prosecutor’s office Will also request preventive deprivation of liberty for veteran Alejandro Jose Gonzales de Canales Plazaformer partner of San Miguel“For the alleged commission of the crimes of revelation of political and military secrets relating to the security of the Nation, obstruction to the administration of justice and the Union.”

Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel was arrested last Friday as she tried to leave the country with her daughter

SAAB Indicated that a presentence hearing was underway for six “citizens who, after a rigorous preliminary investigation, appear to be allegedly involved in the conspiratorial plot white bracelet,

The prosecutor did not say who were the relatives of the six people presented in court. San Miguel,

The government told “White Bracelet” As a plan to attack military base In Tachiraon the border with ColombiaFor later assassinate venezuelan president nicolas maduro,

SAAB He said that in addition to depriving the San Miguel and his ex husbandHe public ministry Will request “precautionary measuresWith regular exposure for four others.

this is a “Contraindications that are spreading within your family groupanyone who is emotionally or familiarly connected Rocío San Miguel, “It’s horrible,” he said. gonzalez taguaruco Regarding the arrest of relatives of a worker with dual nationality, Venezuelan and Spanish,

The Venezuelan government generally condemns conspiracies against it. ripe, Only in 2023 does he claim to have neutralized five.conspiracy”, which includes military personnel, journalists and human rights activists.

The Maduro regime accused Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel of “treason against the country” (Reuters/File)

in 2014 itself San Miguel was pointed out by oneself ripeWho will seek his third re-election in 2024, if he is “inducted into”a military rebellion,

,We find this objection absurd and baseless.“, he settled gonzalez taguaruco,

Oneges And opponents are raising questions on the arrest. embassy of usa,

,Systematic patterns of temporary forced disappearances in Venezuela have been documented by UN bodies“And reported to the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances,” the 204 organizations said in a joint statement issued this Monday.

arrest of San Miguel and that a “worrying trend continues” of arbitrary detention of their relatives. Virtual Embassy of the United States of America in Venezuelawhich works from Bogota,

According to estimates from NGOs protecting human rights, there are more than 650 political prisoners in Venezuela.

Last October, the government and the opposition signed a political agreement barbados before the presidential election, after which 10 Americans and 24 others were released Venezuelans jailed for political reasons,

in return, usa Freed alex saabis considered the leading figure of ripe And who was detained in that country on charges of money laundering.

In Venezuela According to the , there are 261 “political prisoners”, including 18 women and 146 soldiers. NGO Dand Manch,

By the end of January there were 36 detainees – 12 for “white bracelet”- in addition to the 22 arrest warrants.

San Miguel Earlier in 2018, the case was won against the Venezuelan state. Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IAC Court) For violations of political and expression rights, following his dismissal from a public entity in 2003 for supporting a referendum to withdraw the mandate of the then President. hugo chavez (1999-2013).


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