Maestro Riserva de Brugal has become an enduring luxury

Its heritage is full of tradition and the constant pursuit of excellence, Brugel has been committed to quality in the world of ultra-premium rum from the very beginning and this most recent proof Reserve Master.

But that’s not the only thing we have to celebrate as Maestro Reserva has now become the epitome of sustainable luxury.

Maestro Reserva, a sample of Brueghel’s legacy

brugel reserve master
Photos: Brueghel 1888

This edition is a tribute to five generations and more than 135 years of mastery in barrel, in which Brugel’s master rum makers have advanced the art of rum making, guided by experience today. Jacil Villanueva.

And it is the master rum maker, a member of the Brugal family, who protects the legacy with this rum born of years of practice and a lot of patience and use. ‘Aromatic Dark Roast’.

This expertly crafted technique is based on the brand’s signature intensely aromatic roasting.

Its secret lies in the dance of natural elements and components, identifying the ‘right moment’ to reveal the composition of the fragrance in perfect balance.

Made from the best American ex-sherry, flame and caramel oak barrel wood, this alchemy between the elements creates luminous caramel pearls, revealing a soft, complex and balanced liquid infused with subtle natural sweetness.

brugel reserve master
Photos: Brueghel 1888

Brugal Maestro Reserve is designed to be appreciated in sips, delighting with its rich and smooth flavor defined by the creaminess of sweet vanilla, velvety caramel and a touch of smoke.

On the nose, the rum has notes of oak and presents red fruits with a touch of smoke balanced with caramel and honey.

On the palate, flavors of vanilla and caramel emerge, giving way to subtle notes of dark chocolate and dried fruits with touches of roasted walnut and orange peel.

brugel reserve master
Photos: Brueghel 1888

The rum is beautifully presented in a custom-made decanter that’s just as impressive as the flavor of the liquid inside.

In line with Brugel’s commitment to sustainability, Maestro Reserva’s secondary packaging is eco-friendly and fully recyclable, ensuring that every aspect of the product reflects the spirit of the brand.

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