Narcissism or faith? A surreal Maduro steering a drifting ship… next to Jesus Christ (photo)

Nicolas Maduro. , photo courtesy

Nicolas Maduro caused a stir on social networks by sharing a painting in which he is seen captaining a ship with Jesus Christ. This task, which according to the President was given to him in 2022, was published this Sunday on his X account with a religious message.

“Look at this painting they gave me… I have it in the house since 2022… Always with Christ the Redeemer… Let us unite our prayers for Venezuela,” wrote Maduro, who often He hinted at his Catholic faith in his speeches and public appearances.

The painting, which shows Maduro dressed in blue, holding the helm of a ship while Jesus Christ gives him a hand, generated various reactions among social network users, who were quick to express their opinions on the matter. .

Some criticized the painting as an insult to Christ and an example of Maduro’s “narcissistic” personality.


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