“Many clubs called him and drove him crazy”

Defender Jose Garcia has received a “corrective” from Olimpia after rebelling against Pedro Troglio’s desire to leave the club.

In this Olympia It has become customary for substitute players to ask to leave the team due to their low involvement in the main team, which in this case is clausura 2024 tournamentLooking for fourth consecutive title.

However, this has presented problems for the central defender. jose garcia He wanted to play for another team on loan and the Whites club decided it was best for him to stay, leading to strained relations with the player.

“Our initiative was for him to stay, what happened was that they started calling him from all the clubs and they drove him crazy and they made a mistake. Teams should call the president of the club where the footballer plays, maybe they offered him more money and the player is from Olympia, so the president decided not to give up. jose garcia“, the technician said at first pedro troglio About this situation.

And he added: “Later if the player is dissatisfied and does not want to play, he will train separately because it is important for us. Teams may be angry, but Olimpia are the ones who pay the player’s fee when he is loaned out, except for Real Espana who took responsibility for everything with Brian Moya. Some decisions can be made when Olimpia will loan out 10 players for free.

After several tournaments as a substitute, José García wanted to leave Olimpia in search of minutes, but after the stay, he has been sent to partial training.

troglio He assured that there will be no further departures at Lyon except for two young footballers who were loaned to Vida and are Raúl García and Félix García.

“If players ask to leave Olympia it is because they want to play. If you ask me, I’ll stay here, especially if before I had a semester where I was taken into consideration, I’ll continue to fight and I won’t be mad if I don’t play in tournaments, now that I’ve had one or Having not played for two years and following the same path that Pinto, Benguez and Pineda did, I see it well.

“Everyone is in their own right, I think it is the best thing to stay at Olympia, but I understand the players that in the year and a half I have made very little effort for them. For example, Jacques Jean Baptiste came and played two games and wanted to leave, I would stay and fight for six more months to get a place, but every player has his own needs,” Troglio explained.

“Here, for anyone who doesn’t understand that it’s difficult to play at Olympia, what does that mean? That there are 11 good players inside and there are 11 good options outside too. If they understand, they fight and stay, if not they leave, except when the coach requires it and there the player has to understand, otherwise, he will train alone. Yes, there are players that I can’t guarantee will play a lot, I have to give them wings to progress,” explained the Merengue coach.

Regarding his future keeping in mind that this is his last contract Olympia, troglio He confirmed that he has not yet renewed and his continuation will depend on how the situation plays out when the championship ends in May.

“I have the possibility of leaving, but I am comfortable here and very happy away from my family. I have to see what the atmosphere is like in six months, if we were champions and the atmosphere was beautiful, if we were not champions and they were criticizing you, if you were fighting with 10 footballers… you have to wait. ” concluded.

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