Many post offices in the United States are temporarily closed

Four United States Postal Service (USPS) offices distributed in Missouri, Wisconsin, and Arkansas are in the process of closing or are scheduled to close. This was confirmed by a report by BestLife, which also stated that this was due to various reasons.

Therefore, the USPS warned of an upcoming closure in Arnold, Missouri on January 31. It will be at the Arnold Post Office at 1314 Jeff Blvd.

Regarding that office, Postal Service spokesman Mark Inglett said its lease expires at the end of January.

Therefore, the agency has already secured a new lease at 2184 Michigan Avenue to open a new facility.

Inglett also commented that they are in the process of completing the design and will begin construction late this spring or early summer.

“Arnold is a very important community for the Postal Service. “Our goal was to keep our new facility nearby and continue to provide the same level of exceptional service to our customers,” he said.

Which other offices will be closed?

Separately, the USPS also warned customers in Port Edwards, Wisconsin about the temporary closure of one of its facilities.

It is located at 160 Market Avenue, because its roof was leaking. However, it was made clear that water had no effect on any of the matches.

Similarly, its spokesperson, Desai Abdul-Razzaq, said that as of January 19, no timetable had been established for the resumption of retail services.

In Sheridan, Arkansas, another post office announced immediate closure to customers on January 12 due to roof damage. That is, operations at the facility located at 313 S. Oak St. were temporarily suspended.

The solution is that customers can pick up their mail and use retail services at the nearby Oak Park Station facility.

Similarly, it also closed an office in Amity, Arkansas on January 17. Therefore, postal operations offered at 136 W. Thompson St. were suspended due to the loss of facilities.

In this specific case, your customers are asked to pick up mail at the PO Box of the nearest Glenwood Post Office.

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