Marco Rubio: “The presence of the Aragua train in the US will cause a huge crime wave”

Republican senator from the state of Florida, marco rubiowarned about Presence of criminals belonging to the Venezuelan criminal group, Tren de Aragua, in the United StatesBecause of the immigration policies of the Joe Biden administration.

in recent months, The FBI has reported the presence of dangerous international gang members in states like Texas, Chicago, Miami and New York.

While in South America there are countries like Colombia, Peru and Chile The criminals associated with the organization have been arrested.

For Senator Rubio, No country is “immune” from criminalsBut if “6.2 million” is allowed anywhere, Some percentage of them are going to become criminals, some were already criminals,

,They are not criminals because they are immigrants“They are criminals because they are criminals,” the politician insisted.

In an interview for Fox News, he mentioned the presence of the Aragua train on North American soil, and He targeted Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

“For example, There is a criminal gang in Venezuela, the Tren de Aragua, a famous gang that left Venezuela and has terrorized Colombia, Peru and other countries. some of them They have found their way to the United States.Rubio said, “What do they do when they get here? Do we think they’re going to be stockbrokers or run a charity organization?”

still, Recalled that the majority of Venezuelans who have left the country in recent years “are not criminals,” But he recalled that “there are hundreds of people who have come.”

“Now these individuals are creating chaos in cities like Chicago and New York, but no place is untouched, even Georgia is feeling it now. We are going to have a big crime wave because some of these people are dangerous criminals.“, warned the senator.

FBI Assistant Special Agent from El Paso, Texas, briton boydwarned that in the organization They have evidence that members of Tren de Aragua “crossed the border and have a presence there.”

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