Maria Celeste Ponce, Argentine representative who went viral for this photo

The Córdoba deputy went viral after uploading an image of his office to his X account (Photo: @mcelestep).

“This is a common picture, in the office. Nothing else. “I don’t know the reason for going viral,” were the first words expressed by María Celeste Ponce, Cordoba deputy of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), who during the last 24 hours became the protagonist of a viral image, which was taken of her. in the office.

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Ponce chose the phrase to accompany his post, “Happy to have the Argentine flag in my office!” Another picture of him with Vice President Victoria Villarruel is different.

“I get all kinds of comments, but the truth is that I only read what I find important, something I can really contribute to. “I am not interested in what is superficial,” the MLA expressed in response to TN’s call.

Ponce's tweet that went viral in the last few hours (capture x @mcelestep).
Ponce’s tweet that went viral in the last few hours (capture x @mcelestep).

He was born 36 years ago in Huinca Renaco, a town south of Córdoba near the border with La Pampa. Ponce revealed that he suffered from severe obesity in his childhood and adolescence. “I have outdone myself and that’s why what they say about my body is not something that keeps me up at night. I even like some of the comments,” he said.

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