The launch date of Tesla, which promises to revolutionize electric cars again, has already arrived: will it reach Argentina?

Tesla’s affordable car will hit the market in 2025 with a production volume of 10,000 cars per week and a price around $25,000.

The automotive world is waiting for you Elon Musk Finally launched the long awaited affordable Tesla in the market, which many are calling tesla model 2The current internal name for the North American factory is “Redwood.”

So far, Tesla only knows what Musk himself told at their annual shareholder meeting last year, when he confirmed they would build a Giga Factory in MexicoWhere this accessible model will be made from 2025. However, high interest rates have created additional worries for the born businessman. Pretoria, South AfricaWhich has recently expressed concern that it will not be able to continue the process of reducing the prices of its cars, as it has done in the last one and a half years. This may stop construction of the Mexican factory.

Now more details about Tesla’s new affordable car have become known, thanks to a leak by some people involved in the project, as reported reuters, Two of them said that the North American brand will have an affordable car Foreigner compact with tail type fastbackProduction of which will commence with initial production volumes in mid-2025 10,000 units per week.

This car will belong to the new generation of Tesla electric cars, which will be based on a new platform adapted to different models

The platform they will use will be the one they have chosen for produce a robotaxi, planned two years ago for 2024, should cost a little less than $25,000. Although significantly delayed compared to the date promised to consumers, the most ambitious plan in Tesla’s pipeline has finally been completed, with deliveries expected late last year. cybertruck pick-up, It is famous for its design based on straight and diagonal lines and made entirely of stainless steel.

Many European manufacturers already sell affordable electric models Face the onslaught of Chinese brands, Both these cars and those that will arrive soon, want to offer a vehicle that costs less than 25,000 euros, but with proposals that maintain the equipment and performance of a similar model with a combustion engine.

This is a very complex engineering challenge, because The cost of an electric car is primarily its battery and electronic energy control, which has led manufacturers to reduce equipment and autonomy in order to offer a sustainable product at a reasonable price to the market.

Elon Musk promised an affordable car with a competitive price more than two years ago, but only unveiled details of its technology at Investor Day 2023.

It’s time for the brand’s accessible car to once again test tesla capacity To showcase products superior in quality at competitive price with competitors. The same sources have been cited for this reutersconfirmed that by performing the famous reverse engineering process, Tesla has completely disassembled Honda CivicWhich costs $24,000 in the United States, to study how to make affordable cars.

It is also mentioned that the “Redwood” project may now be moved. North American plant in Texas, and the Mexico operation may be halted momentarily to study the global situation. Thus, once affordable Teslas begin production in the United States, manufacturing of the vehicle could begin at plants here Berlin and Shanghaiwhere they are currently produced Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y,

The unboxed process is Tesla’s big bet for the new generation car, with a new assembly process that assembles the car into separate parts and assembles them at the end of the assembly line.

Musk’s big bet on the new platform with which Tesla’s affordable car will be built, called the NV9X, is in its production system, which will break the industry’s classic assembly lines. Different assembly method called “unboxed process, In which cars are assembled in separate parts and joined together at the end of the production line. What is this method according to Tesla CEO allows you to significantly reduce costsAnd hence, the price of their cars.

Currently, the brand has a importer in uruguay and inauguration of First official store in ChileWhich will be inaugurated on 31 January. Given things like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if progress was made by mid-2025, when the brand’s sub-$25,000 car will launch. Tesla also in ArgentinaGiven the mutual admiration that Argentina’s new presidents have expressed for each other, xavier mileyAnd the creator of Tesla, Elon Musk.

The two spoke on the phone, when he presented the DNU measures, Miley talked about deregulation of the satellite internet market, so that companies like Starlink could come in – he gave first and last name about Musk’s other companies – And the richest man in the world, according to Forbes, with a personal wealth of USD 222.3 billion, does nothing but praise him on the network.

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