Problems persist due to lack of assistants at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Cadiz

Antonio died suddenly. At 64 years old, he had no pre-existing conditions, but the Reaper found him without warning. Medina in Sidonia. Where he was born and remained there till the end. Family, friends and the Civil Guard also went there, who took care of the removal of the body. Benemerita’s involvement made an autopsy necessary. And this is where the problems started. Or rather, in the absence of a necessary test to be able to follow the funeral rites and continue mourning. Because at that moment, amidst the pain of loss, Antonio’s family realized that even to be buried you have to wait in line. Beyond the announcement made by the Andalusian Government to solve the situation of shortage of support personnel in the Forensic Pathology Service of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Cadiz, the reality, we say, is that There are relatives who have to wait for ten days for the autopsy, In Antonio’s case, it took five days, after several adjournments due to the absence of an autopsy assistant to assist the coroner. The situation was so dramatic that Antonio’s first cousin Manuel Cortés has filed a claim against the Andalusian government.

Yesterday, Manuel spoke to this medium and related An experience he describes as “very painful”., “When my cousin died suddenly, he was already dead Four bodies are waiting for post mortem, He died unexpectedly in Medina, and at first they did not even tell us in which mortuary his body was. After exploring, we drove to Cadiz. There we saw the bitter reality.”

This is none other than Relatives had to wait for ten days to get the body After suicide. one of two Marathon days for forensics that stretch beyond 2 and 3 p.m., Manuel says, “I want to thank the forensic experts for their treatment, who treated us brilliantly. And also the director of the service. It gives me goosebumps just remembering it. He showed great sympathy. Forensics there but they faced the problem that there were no technical and support staff. Also, they told us that sometimes they themselves act as assistants, but in the case of my cousin, who is an older person, And it weighed more than 100 kilos, they were unable to move it.”

Manuel blames the Andalusian government for a situation that is not new but unresolved. In his claim, which he has shown to this newspaper, he says the following: “I demand a dignified service in the province of Cádiz, where families, in their pain over the death of a loved one, can bury a Christian without suffering. By the shortage of staff of the said service. We do not understand that there are no technicians to make the work of forensics easier, So I think it is negligence on the part of the Junta de Andalucia, My gratitude to the service and kindness of Cadiz Forensics for their sympathy. The claim is signed by Manuel Cortés and is dated January 22.

Manuel comments that during the days he had to wait for the delivery of his cousin’s body, he had observed “how at times forensic experts were asked by funeral home staff, even the drivers They have to ask for help so they can move forward.” Dead body. It is outrageous that the pain of families is played with in this way., people who are trying to turn the pages and all they want is to be buried as quickly as possible. Your family members cannot be kept waiting for days because you do not employ two assistants, technicians to facilitate the work of forensic experts. We Andalusians will not have to face the junta government’s cuts to that point. The problem is not about getting forensic experts to work tirelessly, but about hiring a few people. I don’t think this will be such a huge expense that the board will not be able to bear. We are talking about the dead and their families. “They are very delicate issues,” concluded Manuel, who added that he was “absolutely devastated by the experience that I had to live with the demise of a cousin who was like a brother to me.”

The accumulation of dead bodies continues

On the other hand, this medium is capable of knowing that pile of dead bodies This has not been solved in the cold room. Some have already left after receiving the court order, but as bodies continue to arrive, the toxic threat to workers remains. Unions reported at the time that about thirty corpses were rotting in bags that served as shrouds, some of them for two years. An absolutely intolerable situation that jeopardizes the dignity of people and the working conditions of workers.

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