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A summit this Wednesday, January 24th! Rihanna and her boyfriend Asap Rocky met Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee on the sidelines of Paris Fashion Week.

It’s a meeting we didn’t expect… For the past few days, there has been a parade of stars in Paris! And it’s Wednesday, January 24th Rihanna Which created a surprise on the web. In fact, the singer and her beloved ASAP RockyThe father of his two sons was the guest of honor Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee, A surprise dinner was organized as part of the Yellow Peace programme, as the First Lady revealed bfmtv, And we can call it, its interpreter diamonds I felt very proud to pose with him as well as many French stars including Kendji Girac.

Rihanna, Kendji Girac and Brigitte Macron gathered at the Elysee!

This Wednesday, January 24, an extraordinary dinner took place at the Elysee. Many stars were present on the occasion of Paris Fashion Week. Yes, there were a lot of people there! from them, Kendji JirakHis manager was Alban Travia as well as international star Rihannawith her beloved ASAP Rocky, Both the artists proudly posed for photographs brigitte macron During this summit dinner. It is on Instagram that the winner’s manager soundwho recently visited the palace of star Academy, published a most stylish photo. In their story, we see the first photo in which all four of them pose; Then another one with the First Lady, all smiles. In the caption he writes: “An Ordinary Night at the Elysee”, A meeting that we didn’t see coming but that made fans of both artists happy!

rihanna kendzi brigitte macronrihanna kendzi brigitte macron

Photo Credit: Instagram @albantravia

Brigitte Macron and Rihanna, already BFFs?

On the other hand, contrary to what one might believe, this is not the first time Rihanna and Brigitte Macron Meet. In fact, the American singer went to the Elysee in 2017, just two months after the elections.Emmanuel Macron, With his commitment to the Education Fund, the artist was invited by the President of the Republic. “My meeting with the President and the First Lady was absolutely incredible, They were incredibly welcoming to us. I was very inspired and impressed by his leadership.”, Rihanna announced on her social networks right after this meeting. Will they eventually become friends? This will be so crazy that we won’t be able to survive it!

Paris Fashion Week, Parade of Stars!

You would have understood it, if Rihanna is in Paris at the moment, it’s good for fashion week Which started in January 2024. For this meeting at the Elysee, he also honed his incredible and legendary look. Dressed entirely in black, the singer wore an outfit that was classy and trendy at the same time. The tights, the pumps, the black wrap-around coat…she created a sensation! And we can say this, in the last few days there has been a real parade of stars in the capital! Kylie Jenner in Jean-Paul Gaultier, Zendaya in Schiaparelli, Kendrick Lamar in Chanel show…It doesn’t stop, and we love it! Many fans walk the streets of Paris in the hope of seeing their idol… and have you seen a star?

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