Mark Zuckerberg reveals details of his AI: Llama 3

The executive thinks the future of AI is in smart glasses. (Instagram: Zak)

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is developing and improving its own conversational artificial intelligence model known as Llama 3.

This language model in AI is an advanced system that processes Human language understandsThe computer allows people to communicate more naturally and effectively.

This type of technology is becoming essential for the development of virtual assistants and improving interactions between humans and machines.

Zuckerberg assured that “the next generation of services requires building full intelligence.” (Instagram: Zook)

“It is becoming clear that the next generation of services requires building end-to-end intelligence. Build the best AI assistants for creators and businesses. Advances are needed in every area of ​​AI, from reasoning to planning, coding, memory and other cognitive abilities.Zuckerberg said on Instagram.

Llama is the name of the artificial intelligence language model developed by Meta., It works by processing large amounts of text to learn how human language is structured and how coherent and relevant dialogue can be generated.

Llama 1 was launched in early 2023, which Zuckerberg at the time considered the new horse in the AI ​​​​race. Then, in the middle of the same year, the company released Lama 2.

That previous generation was open source and free for commercial use. This was done using 40% more data than the originalAnd a chatbot has been created to generate results equivalent to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Meta said.

Lama 2 was launched in July 2023. (Meta)

The 2023 ended with several rumors about the new version of the Meta language model. Now, in early 2024, Zuckerberg himself has confirmed that Meta is entering Llama 3.

To support this initiative and other future projects, the company is developing a large IT infrastructure. This means the acquisition of 350,000 new H100 processors by the end of the current year.

Such processors are particularly largely a class of chips designed for data processing and artificial intelligence functions.

They are part of the family of the graphic processing unit (GPU) and are characterized by their high efficiency and ability to handle complex algorithms.For example, in artificial intelligence, language models are used in training.

With massive acquisition of advanced chips for the development of AI, the computational scope of the meta increases in support of Lama 3. (Depiction image infobe)

The reference to the number of these processors indicates the scale of computing power that the Meta Lama is deployed to develop and improve 3 models.

The CEO of Meta said, “People will also need new equipment for AI and it unites AI and Metavors.” At this point, he referred to Ray Bain Meta Glass, which has become quite popular on social networks.

Meta included its advanced conversation assistant, Meta AI in Smart GlassCustomizing it for customized hands-filing experience to keep on moving.

The new enhanced reality glasses will allow live broadcasting.

By saying the phrase “Hello Meta”, users can interact with the chatbot to encourage creativity, obtain information and manage tasks through voice commands.

Other than this, Glasses have the ability to broadcast live on Facebook or Instagram directly. It also displays comments in preview.

“Glasses are ideal for giving glasses to AI to see and hear what you see, so it is always available for help. Ray Bain Glasses with Meta AI have already started very strong and in general, with all this material, we have just started, “Zuckerberg concluded.

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