Match Summary Fulham vs Tottenham (3-0). Target

Just a day after a 0–4 away win against Aston Villa and considering themselves capable of reaching the UEFA Champions League places, tottenham reoccurred unexpectedly, buried without details fulhamgoals of rodrigo muniz (2) and Sasa Lukic and his defensive concessions, decisive in their irrefutable defeat (3-0).

The match marked the Mexican forward’s return to activity. Raul Jimenez, who entered in the 64th minute of the game. The Aztecs had not played since January 30 and missed the last six. Matchbox Of London Club.

stumble for untimely tottenham When the horizon for fourth place was opening (if he had won he would have overtaken him). Aston Villa with the same 28 games), but it is also indicative of the ups and downs the team has gone through throughout the campaign. Ante PostecoglouWhich has not won 12 out of 28 matches played in this premiership.

After withstanding the early onslaught, with Vicario’s support, Tottenham conceded a goal when they least expected it. When he felt more agile, comfortable and even dominant than his opponent Anthony Robinson He found cracks in the visitors’ defense on the counter-attack and fired a wonderful ball in for a brilliant finish rodrigo muniz, This was the 42nd minute.

He signed a 30 million euro contract in his first game as a starter after the winter genoa1-0 left dragusin, The Romanian international defender did not react as he should to Rodrigo Muniz’s unchecking, which ended in a very lonely, very easy way, when at least the defender should have intervened or countered it.

A mismatch, as was the 2–0 game, when Castagne crossed and Leukic He was completely alone on his knees to beat Vicario at the start of the second half. Not even four minutes had passed since the restart. a definite boost for fulham, A huge blow to Tottenham, who suddenly collapsed.

Even when they lost 2–0 at match time, the opposition still had only one shot between three sticks on goal. Spurs, It did not appear again. He neither arrived nor gave the appearance of doing so in the period after the second goal, when he should have shown rebellion or reaction to such an unfavorable result so soon.

Raul Jimenez will have to fight for the starting position with Muniz

Vicario’s stop at Castagne, between the wrecks on the shore and the center of the defence. tottenham He only made it 3-0 for a few moments, which appeared in the next opportunity, his subsequent corner kick. Muniz He took advantage of the rebound on the post from Bassey’s half-turned shot to expose his opponent even further.

The Brazilian striker, who scored his eighth goal of the season in all competitions, was injured in the shot. instead he entered Raul Jimenez, Without pause, it could have been much worse for Tottenham. When the Mexican attacker entered the field his offside invalidated the score 4–0.

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