Meet Danny Mitchell, the American behind Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber’s look

behind the sharp eyes of Kendall JennerOfhailey bieber or evenelsa hosk American stylist hides dani michelle, A major figure in the Californian fashion scene, she creates looks for the stars with an Instagram account boasting several million subscribers. the trend no pantsThere mob wifeThere sheer dress…we owe him! As a stylist, dani michelle, to some extent a continuation of the parade. She brings designer silhouettes to life on the street and on the red carpet. We can no longer count the highlights of the outfits she wore. dani michelle Handles fashion pieces and accessories with perfection. SleepWith a retro influence, the strength of the look, according to her, lies in the jewellery. It was natural that she launched her own jewelery label MÉGÉ with the help of her primary inspiration, her mother. The culmination of her career, the brand reflects her style: cool, chic and timeless. The first collection includes bold gold and silver rings, necklaces and bracelets that range from delicate to showy. For this occasion, the designer lends itself to a questionnaire. french vogue,

Exclusive meeting with stylist to the stars and now jewelery designer Dani Mitchell

the trend. What is your first jewelery memory?
dani michelle, “I think my first memory is when I was 13, when my grandfather, whom I didn’t know very well at the time, gave me a heart-shaped necklace for my birthday. I remember staring at them, thinking this was the most meaningful gift he could give me. I knew it was something I would always have, something I would cherish as a sign of his love. I can wear it.

dani michelle

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