Megaoperativo in socio-housing following the dismemberment of many young people; They found 58 kg of drugs and have 17 prisoners. Security news

From the early hours of this Tuesday, March 26, in the Socio Housing scheme, northwest of Guayaquil, a mega operation is taking place in which at least 1,500 uniformed officers of the Search Block intervene; About 850 police officers and equal number of military personnel.

They executed approximately 200 search warrants and by 6:40 a.m. they had searched approximately 65 houses and apartments in three phases of Socio Vivienda.

General Víctor Herrera, police chief of Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborrón), noted that just a few hours earlier the mutilated bodies of several youths had been found in the area and that the suspects lived in socio housing. Riding on a tricycle, they reportedly dumped many of the remains in a garbage dump in Balerio Estacio.

During the operation at Socio Vivienda, they found 58 packages of medicines and five prisoners. Photo: Courtesy Police

Herrera said they found 58 kilos of drugs inside a refrigerator in an apartment, and also mentioned that as of 7:30 there were 17 captives and several seized pistols, including a replica rifle.

Four of those detained may be linked to the latest violent deaths and mutilations in the area.

The police chief noted that Los Tiguerones, one of the groups classified as terrorists by the government, operates in that area.

Some such equipments have also been removed due to which the people living in the houses could not get justice. Television and speakers are being confiscated. Even communications radios were found in some buildings.

They arrested 15 people in Socio Vivienda: the operation was carried out with 830 police officers and 200 soldiers.

Members of the Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR), Special Operations Group (GOE) and Special Mobile Anti-Narcotics Group (GEMA) intervene in this operation. They are going door-to-door and investigating.

On 15 February, a major operation was already underway in the area, where police managed to evict about 70 houses that had been snatched from their owners and occupied by members of a dangerous gang.

15 people were arrested that day, and drugs and firearms were seized. (yo)

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